Debugging Ruby Code

3rdRail leverages standard Eclipse mechanisms to support Ruby.

To debug a Ruby script:

  1. Open the Ruby file and set any desired breakpoints.
  2. Start a Ruby debug session:
    Run| Debug As| Ruby Script.
    The Debug Perspective opens with the following views:
    View Description


    Provides information about the stack frame for the suspended threads for each target and the process for each target. The thread appears as a node in the tree.


    Provides information about variables in the currently-selected stack frame.


    Lists all set breakpoints.


    Lists all servers and describes configuration.


    Provides project structure details.


    Shows the Ruby Console.


    Assign tasks for the project.

    Debug activity appears in the Progress view.
  3. Set a breakpoint as desired by double right-clicking the left margin of the editor at the first line of the code.


    Repeat the double right-click to remove the breakpoint.

  4. Step through code in the Launch view:
  5. Click Resume to resume the application.

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