3rdRail Consoles

3rdRail provides a Ruby Console and a Rails Console. The consoles support:

You can have multiple Ruby or Rails Consoles open at the same time and toggle between them using Quick Keys.

The Ruby Console

The Ruby Console is open by default when you are in the Ruby Perspective. Use the Ruby Console for Interactive Ruby (IRB) functionality.

To open a new Ruby Console, type Ctrl+U or select Window| Ruby Console| New.

For a video demo of the Ruby Console, see Introduction to the Ruby Console in 3rdRail.

You can set Preferences, such as a custom prompt, for the Ruby Console: Window| Preferences| Ruby| Ruby Console.

The Rails Console

The Rails Console provides an environment to execute Rails tasks, such as:

To open a new Rails Console, type Ctrl+L or select Window| Rails Console| New.

For a video demo of the Rails Console, see Project Commander and Rails Console.

Rails has the concept of an application lifecycle using three environments: development, test, and production. By default the environment is development. To change the environment, use the Preferences: Window| Preferences| Rails| Rails Console.

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