Code Navigation

3rd Rail provides many ways to help you quickly move around between the files and navigate through the code of your project. The Open Associate feature helps you navigate through your application code. You can also take advantage of the Quick Keys.

The Explorers help you navigate between your project components.

The hyperlink feature in the Commanders let you quickly open files in the appropriate editor.

The Dependencies View is another powerful navigation feature.

Open Associate

The Open Associate feature provides context sensitive forward and backward navigation in controllers, actions, views and partials. Navigation follows application runtime dispatching rules.

Automatically toggle between associated actions and views from any editor and the Script Explorer or Navigation Views. Toggle from an action to the associated view or from the view to the associated action by right-clicking from within the public method and selecting Associated View. The associated file opens with focus on the associated code.

To use Open Associate:

  1. Mouse over the Action or View while pressing Ctrl+Alt to reveal Open Associate links.
  2. Click the left mouse button to navigate to the specified location.
  3. If multiple paths are relevant, a dialog similar to the following appears.
    Open Associate Dialog
    Click to highlight the desired association and click OK to continue.

Quick Keys

The complete list of key bindings is available from Window| Preferences| General| Keys.

To find the special 3rdRail Quick Keys, sort them by Category and scroll to the Commanders, Ruby, or Rails sections of the list.

Quick Keys Preferences

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