Configuring the Ruby Interpreter

To configure the Ruby Interpreter:

  1. Open the
    Ruby Interpreter Preferences Ruby Perspective
    From the workbench select:
    Window| Preferences| Ruby| Interpreters.
    You can also configure the Ruby Interpreter from the New Rails Project Wizard.
  2. If no interpreters are listed, or if the one you have installed is not listed, click Search to locate the interpreter file. (Note for Mac users: OSX 10.4 shipped with an incompatible ruby version in /usr/bin. This interpreter will not work with 3rdRail.)
  3. If the interpreter you want to use still does not appear on the list, click Add. In the Add Interpreter dialog make sure that the Interpreter executable points to the executable, not just the directory.
    The Interpreter List shows the available interpreters. Check the relevant file.
  4. Click OK.

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