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Last updated: February 21, 2012

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Thank you for using Embarcadero's ER/Studio Portal. This tool allows you to communicate your ER/Studio Repository metadata across the Enterprise in a browser-based reporting tool. This solution allows organizations to search, browse, and report on the information contained in the ER/Studio Repository. This Web interface:

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What's New

What's New in ER/Studio Portal 1.6.3

Submodel Export

The Synchronization process has been enhanced to only export images for submodels that have been modified. In previous versions, the Portal would export all submodel images for a diagram.

Multi-threaded PortalIntf.exe

The Synchronization process now runs at least two instances of PortalIntf.exe so that smaller diagrams can be processed asynchronously with large diagrams.

You can control the number of PortalInf.exe processes that run as follows:

In <install dir>/tomcat/webapps/ersportal/web-inf/ersportal-app.xml:, locate the lines:

<bean id="syncProperties" class="com.embarcadero.embarcadero.erstudio.portal.etl.parallelrun.SyncProperties">

<property name="maxThreads" value="2" />

<property name="filterSubModelImages" value="true" />

You can update maxThreads value to any number to create more PortalInf.exe threads. Setting maxThreads to 1 will disable the multi-threading.

You can change filterSubModelImages value to false to turn off the selective Submodel export functionality. In this case, the query won't run and, therefore, all submodel images will be generated.

What's New in ER/Studio Portal 1.6.2

Additional Operating System Support

ER/Studio Portal now supports Windows 2008 R2.

What's New in ER/Studio Portal 1.6

Additional Operating System Support

ER/Studio Portal now supports Windows 7, 64-bit mode in addition to 32-bit mode.

Increased Security

ER/Studio Portal now supports SSL communications between the client and ER/Studio Repository, and the Reporting and Solution Repositories running on Microsoft SQL Server platform.

Release Notes

Important Advisory Notes

Upgrade Notes

When a new version of ER/Studio Portal becomes available, you should upgrade to take advantage of the latest features and fixes. Also, when the ER/Studio Repository software is upgraded, you must upgrade the Portal. The Repository and Portal software releases are synchronized to ensure Portal users can take advantage of any Repository updates.

Upgrading the Portal requires a reinstallation of the Portal application. Follow the installation instructions in the Install Guide to accomplish this. Upgrading the Portal may be a lengthy process depending on how large the Portal database is.

Once the Portal application is upgraded, you must resynchronize the Portal with the Repository. ER/Studio upgrades usually require the diagrams to be updated to the latest version. Once the Repository diagrams have been updated, you'll need to synchronize the Portal Repository to ensure that it is up to date. For information on synchronizing the Portal, see the "Administrative Tasks" section of the User Guide.

Known Issues
RWP-210Errors and warnings related to parsing style sheets may appear in the browser error console (on Firefox), or the status bar (on Internet Explorer), when hovering over or traversing links in the portal.
RWP-412The Portal does not currently work properly with Microsoft SQL Server databases that have been configured to be case sensitive.
RWP-426Clicking links in the Portal a second time, before a response from the first click has been received by the browser, results in an error message.
RWP-431In Internet Explorer 7, text and layout in the Portal may become distorted if the text size is increased or decreased in the browser, either via the Page menu or by using the CTRL key in conjunction with the mouse wheel.
RWP-472The icons at the top left and top right of the online help window may not show up correctly. This is typically due to a user preference setting in the Web browser.
RWP-502The item selected from the 'Available Items' list cannot be changed after pressing the 'Back' button in the custom report builder.
RWP-700In Internet Explorer 6, the vertical scroll bar in the Groups section of the custom report builder is no longer accessible after an element is added to a level.
RWP-716The sort order is incorrect when Custom reports are sorted by sequence.
RWP-730There will be a noticeable delay after the 'Run a Shared Report' or 'Shared Reports' link in the solution browser is clicked for the first time.

Bug Fixes

Use your browser Find feature to locate a particular bug # or click a link below to see the issues addressed in a specific build.

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio Portal 1.6.3

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio Portal 1.6.2

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio Portal 1.6.1

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio Portal 1.6

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio Portal 1.5.1

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio Portal 1.5

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio Portal 1.6.3
RWP-697User names are now case-insensitive on all DBMS platforms.
RWP-1468The performance of the Portal Synchronization has been improved for large diagrams.
RWP-1576The correct time is now displayed in the Status Update Date column when the Portal server is hosted on Windows 2008.
RWP-1686The performance of the Portal Synchronization has been improved for large diagrams.
RWP-1692URLs containing domain names are now preserved when adding a schedule to the Subscription page.
RWP-1697URLs containing domain names are now preserved when generating Shared Reports.
RWP-1703The Windows User account specified when installing on Windows 2008 is now verified as valid before installation continues. The same applies to changes to credentials in the Portal Configuration manager.
RWP-1713The performance of the Portal Synchronization has been improved for large diagrams.
RWP-1715URLs containing domain names are now preserved when generating Business and Technical shared reports.
RWP-1724URLs containing domain names are now preserved after clicking on a chart in the Activity dashboard.
Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio Portal 1.6.2
RWP-1704The Portal now properly synchronizes Comments when running on Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2.
RWP-1686Performance has been improved when updating the Search Index during Synchronization.
RWP-1678The Portal now properly synchronizes Diagrams when running on Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2.
RWP-1665To address security issues, the version of Tomcat has been upgraded to 5.5.34.
RWP-1596View columns are now displayed properly in the Explorer.
RWP-1593The Portal now correctly synchronizes Workspaces containing External Data Objects that have no parent Data Source.
RWP-1590The Status Update Date is now displayed properly when running on Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2.
RWP-1587The Explorer tree is now displayed properly after completing a Synchronization.
RWP-1586Encrypted passwords are now handled properly.
RWP-1584Bound Attachments are now handled proeprly.
RWP-1583Long object Definitions are now handled properly.
RWP-1580The Configuration Manager now saves changes when running on Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2.
RWP-1579Uninstall now works properly on Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2.
RWP-1578The Tomcat Service is now installed properly on Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2.
RWP-1575To avoid conflicts with other Apache services, the default Tomcat Shutdown Port has been changed. The Shutdown Port can also be specified during installation and using the Configuration Manager.
RWP-1547Entity Definitions in Workspaces are now synchronizd properly.
RWP-1544The Portal now synchronizes properly on non-US systems.
RWP-1542The Configuration Manager now properly saves changes to the Tomcat Port.
RWP-1452The Portal now properly synchronizes Data Lineage in diagrams that have more than 32767 attributes.
RWP-1400The Portal longer displays a "Page has expired" message when using the Back button in Windows Internet Explorer.
Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio Portal 1.6.1
RWP-1568Custom Reports is no longer missing the icon on the Reports page.
RWP-1554Numerous security vulnerabilities reported by IBM Appscan have been removed.
RWP-1539Port connections to ER/Studio Repository are now closed correctly and no longer cause diagram synchronization to fail.
RWP-1524A duplicate comment is no longer created on an Enterprise Data Dictionary (EDD) when a second diagram is bound to the EDD.
RWP-1525Synchronization no longer logs errors when a diagram belongs to multiple projects in ER/Studio Repository.
RWP-1455Portal configuration file, installconfig.properties no longer contains passwords in plain text format.
Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio Portal 1.6
RWP-1412The Portal can now interpret HTML tags in Domain Definition and Notes fields and correctly displays the formatted text.
RWP-1413Report definitions and notes fields now support 100,000 characters when the Portal databases are running on the Oracle platform. 4000 character limit still imposed for other database platforms supported by the Portal.
RWP-1455Passwords are now encrypted in the installconfig.properties file.
RWP-1486Encrypted Communications can now be enabled for communications between the Portal server, the ER/Studio Repository, and the ER/Studio Portal Solution and Reporting repositories when these repositories are running on the Microsoft SQL Server platform.
Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio Portal 1.5.1
RWP-1344The NO ACCESS role now works correctly for ER/Studio BA workspaces.
RWP-1351 Portal server now starts up propertly after reconfiging the LDAP information.
RWP-1374 TS: SYNCH_ADMIN: Synch errors no long occur after deleting a diagram.
Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio Portal 1.5
RWP-307 Drill-down reports now include a navigation trail ("bread crumb") indicating the object hirerarchy.
RWP-483 SQL Server named instances are now supported for the Repository, Solution, and Reporting databases.
RWP-531 Diagram synchronization processes are now terminated if not complete after three hours.
RWP-564 A 'Dictionary Name' property has been added to the custom report business model for dictionaries.
RWP-589 Submodel images now include hyperlinks to detail reports.
RWP-604 It is now possible to link dictionary objects to diagram objects in custom reports.
RWP-696 The 'Domain Bindings' standard report now includes an option to select the Enterprise Data Dictionary for the data model.
RWP-1054 The Explore dashboard now provides thumbnail previews of submodel images.
RWP-1055 It is now possible to hide or show details on the HTML search results page.
RWP-1133 Korean characters are now displayed correctly in the Portal.
RWP-1205 The Portal now correctly synchronizes UDT's in customer model.
RWP-1210 Correct sort is now displayed in the connection activity page.
RWP-1215 Report wizard now supports nested projects that have same name.

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If you have a valid maintenance contract with Embarcadero Technologies, our Support team will assist you with any problems you have with our applications. Our maintenance contract also entitles registered users of Embarcadero Technologies products to download free software upgrades during the active contract period.

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