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Read Me Last Updated: January 12th, 2016. Any updates to these Read Me notes will be available at docs.embarcadero.com.

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Thank you for using Embarcadero ER/Studio Data Architect, previously known as ER/Studio, the award-winning data modeling application for logical, and physical database design and construction. ER/Studio Data Architect's (ER/Studio DA) powerful, multi-level design environment addresses the everyday needs of database administrators, developers, and data architects who build and maintain large, complex database applications.

ER/Studio DA's progressive interface and processes have been logically organized to effectively address the ease-of-use issues that have plagued data modeling tools for the past decade. The application facilitates your ability to create, understand, and manage the mission-critical database designs within an enterprise. It offers strong logical design capabilities, bidirectional synchronization of logical and physical designs, automatic database construction, accurate reverse engineering of databases, and powerful HTML-based documentation and reporting facilities. Before you use ER/Studio, please read the information below.

See the most recent documentation at Embarcadero's Web site, http://www.embarcadero.com/resources/documentation.html.

WHAT'S NEW in 2016

Business Data Objects

Model/Submodel NSTs

Windows 10 Support

Teradata Support

Teradata Enhancements

SQL Azure Support

Release Notes

Important Installation Notes

Important Release Advisory

Bug Fixes

Known Issues

Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading from ER/Studio Portal to Team Server

Upgrades for version of ER/Studio Repository prior to 2016

Additional Resources

Embarcadero Technologies Technical Support

What's New in 2016

Business Data Objects
You can now group your entities/tables in to Business Data Objects. These objects allow you to better describe your business concepts by grouping entities or tables that share a common relationship in to a visible container.

Model/Submodel NSTs
You can now bind Naming Standards Templates to Models and Submodels

Windows 10 Support
You can now install your favorite Data Modeling software on your newest OS.

Teradata Support
We now support Teradata 15.x.

Teradata Enhancements

SQL Azure Support
Microsoft SQL Azure is now fully supported for all operations.

Release Notes

To ensure compatibility with ER/Studio Repository synchronization, this version of ER/Studio Data Architect requires at least ER/Studio Repository version 2016 for all Repository operations.

ER/Studio Portal is no longer supported by ER/Studio Data Architect. Most functionality formerly provided by ER/Studio Portal is now provided by ER/Studio Team Server. Users that formerly used the Repository tab to browse the portal can use a Web browser instead.

License Enforcement

When working with the Repository, all users must use the same license type. ER/Studio now enforces this by marking the Repository as an Enterprise Team Edition Repository when a user with an Enterprise Team Edition license logs in. Subsequent log in attempts by users with a non-Team Edition license will not be allowed

Important Installation Notes

Important Release Advisory

Bug Fixes

Use your browser Find feature to locate a particular bug number.

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio DA 2016

ERS-24626     Roll up of one subtype among many causes FK to be removed from other subtypes.
ERS-24959     "MIRSETUP.XML" is missing from "\MetaIntegration\conf" folder.
ERS-22486     Default the Place New Objects Near Existing Objects parameter in the Submodel Editor to checked.
ERS-24407     Submodel_editor option to hide existing submodels from editor.
ERS-24893     Comment edit box is not shown on "Repository Check In" window.
ERS-24917     Length of NVARCHAR, VARCHAR and VARBINARY is displayed as 0 instead of max.
ERS-24931     Copy and paste of entity with varchar(max) or nvarchar(max) does not preserve the data type setting.
ERS-24496     Teradata - Date format default value generates incorrect Syntax.
ERS-24620     Reverse engineering Teradata column lengths are incorrect.
ERS-24609     Teradata decimal columns are being erroneously reverse engineered from database into model as IDENTITY columns.
ERS-24724     TERADATA - Reverse engineering CLOB columns results in defined lengths being incorrect.
ERS-18123     Ability to generate column comments for MySQL.
ERS-24770     Undo causes instability in Data Architect after check out from Repo.
ERS-24482     VARCHAR(MAX) is being generated as VARCHAR(4000) for MS SQL Server 2014.
ERS-16232     Ability to remove double quotes from table and column names.
ERS-23897     When running a roll-up denormalization a relationship is deleted.
ERS-24284     Dropping relationship on roll-up denormalization.
ERS-24801     Inconsistent formatting results.
ERS-24743     Data Diagram Version Upgrade causes instability on a database upgrade from v6.0 to v7.0.
ERS-23629     Templated procedures now included when using GenDLLUsingFileBasedQuickLaunch.
ERS-24661     Korean language order is showing incorrectly.
ERS-24602     The documentation incorrectly lists that Trigger.Text is a read-write property.
ERS-24745     XML Schema Generation, Entity Option, "Add element refs to parent entity elements" is not adding reference to parent complex type.
ERS-24322     Data Architect becomes unstable when getting a particular model due to incorrect positions of shapes.
ERS-24633     Option to compare schemas is missing.
ERS-24681     Reverse engineering Teradata. Error: ‘The parameter is incorrect’.
ERS-24714     Error when setting a named release.
ERS-24062     Term hyperlinks are not shown with Firefox when first clicked.
ERS-24419     Users must close and reopen the Entity Editor after applying a Naming Standards Template.

Known Issues

ERS-24515     Teradata databases with collect statistics enabled cannot be reverse-engineered.
ERS-24577     Change Records are marked as completed even if the check in fails in the Repository server.
ERS-24773     Certain keywords cause parser errors when importing an Oracle SQL script.
ERS-24926     Definitions and Notes are no longer wrapped in editors.
ERS-24996     Objects included in Business Architect subject areas are not shown in Universal Mappings Editor.
ERS-25004     The Team Server Data Source option is unavailable in the Reverse-Engineer Wizard after log in.
ERS-25024     The Teradata JSON datatype is not imported from a SQL file.
ERS-25134     The ContainedObject count automation method always returns 0 for Business Data Objects.
ERS-25155     Entities remain above Business Data Objects in the diagram view after being removed.
ERS-25166     Crashes may occur when generating reports on Japanese system with Welcome Page open.
ERS-25285     Using the SSL option for the Repository may cause a "Socket Disconnected" error.
ERS-25358     Errors may occur while refreshing tree nodes when working with Business Data Objects.
ERS-25359     Teradata temporal types are not fully supported in SQL Import.
ERS-25360     Teradata temporal types are not fully supported in Alter SQL generation.

Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading from ER/Studio Portal to ER/Studio Team Server

For detailed instructions on upgrading to Team Server, see the Upgrade Notes.

Upgrades for ER/Studio Repository users

To use the repository with this release, you will need to be running at least version 2016 of Repository as a minimum.

Upgrades for version of ER/Studio Repository prior to 2016

Repository is now installed as part of Team Server. To upgrade an earlier version of Repository, please see the latest upgrade notes online.

Embarcadero Technologies Technical Support

If you have a valid maintenance contract with Embarcadero Technologies, our Support team will assist you with any problems you have with our applications. Our maintenance contract also entitles registered users of Embarcadero Technologies products to download free software upgrades during the active contract period.

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