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Thank you for using Embarcadero DBArtisan, the award winning DBA tool for enterprise-wide database administration. DBArtisan empowers you to manage all of your critical databases running on current versions of Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase ASE, and IBM DB2 across the UNIX, Linux, Windows NT and mainframe z/OS operating systems, from a single, consistent, user-friendly interface. Before you use DBArtisan, please read the information below.

What's New in Version 8.6

XML Support

SQL Pre-processor

Expanded DBMS support

Oracle Graphical Query Plan support

User Interface improvements

Additional Currency Features

Release Notes

DBMS Support

DBMS Versions No Longer Supported

Important Advisory Notes

Known Issues

Bug Fixes

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What's New in Version 8.6

Expanded Unicode/XML Support

Support for XML has been expanded for release 8.6. XML parameters can now be passed to stored procedures and DBMS-specific upgrades include:

Similarly, support for Unicode has been expanded for release 8.6. Previously only supported in the Text editor, now the Results grid and Data editor support Unicode characters. Datatypes that can be displayed or entered differ according to the DBMS platform.

SQL Pre-processor

DBArtisan provides SQL preprocessing similar to C language compiler directives. The ISQL Editor now supports a simplified version of the #define and #include directives.

Expanded DBMS support

DBArtisan now provides support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Sybase 15.0.2. This DBArtisan release also introduces support for Sybase Cluster Edition.

Oracle Graphical Query Plan support

Graphical Query Plan support, previously provided for other DBMS is now available for Oracle. With the ISQL editor in Show Plan, executing a script now displays a graphical representation of the query plan for the script. You can drill down to view details on individual steps, toggle between graphical and tree-based views, and make use of a number of viewing options.

User Interface improvements

For 8.6, Embarcadero continues to revamp the Object Editors and Wizards. The .NET look and feel is geared to improving consistency, presentation, and expanded feature support. The 8.6 release also offers greater control over toolbar display and a revamped Options editor that speeds up navigation.

Additional Currency Features

As with other releases of DBArtisan, Embarcadero has responded to customer requests for additional or improved feature support. General improvements include extraction and migration enhancements, Vista support upgrades, virtualized Text editor content, and 64-bit Backup Analyst support. DBMS-specific upgrades include the following:

Release Notes


IBM DB2 UDB for OS/390 (z/OS)

Server: IBM DB2 UDB for OS/390 and z/OS v7, v8, and v9

Client: When going through a DB2 Connect gateway, DB2 UDB Client for Windows 6.0 or later. When going directly to the mainframe from the client, DB2 Connect Personal Edition v6 or higher on the client machine.


Server: IBM DB2 LUW Versions 8.x and 9.x

Client: IBM DB2 LUW Client for Windows 7.0 or later. When using a v8 client, DBArtisan only supports connecting to a v8 Database on Windows, Linux and Unix.

Microsoft SQL Server

Server: Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, (All editions including 2000 SDE and 2005 Express Edition for 32-bit x86 and 64-bit Itanium & x86-64) and 2008.

Client: Microsoft SQL Server Client Library


Server: 4.x

Client: MySQL ODBC driver 3.5.1 - 4.x.


Server: Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, and 11g.

Client: Oracle SQL*Net Client

Sybase ASE

Server: Sybase System 12.5, Sybase 15.x

Client: Sybase Open Client


All DBMS versions supported in the previous release are supported for this release.


Default delimiter used by the Data Load/Unload Wizards � When using the Data Unload wizard, do not specify a column delimiter character that appears as data in the database being unloaded. For example, if using the default character delimiter for the wizard (a comma), when choosing data unload settings in the wizard, specify a non-comma delimiter. Similarly, when loading the results of an unload operation, be sure to specify the same column delimiter specified during the unload operation.

Specifying the location for license backups � the cglm.ini file, located in the main DBArtisan installation directory, has a LicenseDir property that specifies the directory in which DBArtisan is to store backup license files. The default value (.\license) must be updated to specify an absolute path. Modify the LicenseDir value according to the operating system to which DBArtisan is being installed:

  • Windows Vista: LicenseDir=C:\ProgramData\Embarcadero\DBArtisan\license
  • Windows XP: LicenseDir=C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Embarcadero\DBArtisan\license


  • As of this release, the following reported bugs are outstanding:
  • DBArtisan installs the incorrect stored procedures for Capacity Analyst for a Sybase 15 database. Please refer to this Knowledge Base article: www.embarcadero.com/jive/entry.jspa?externalID=1030&caID=2
  • For servers running on Sybase version 12.5.3a, the CREATE ENCRYPTION KEY and DECRYPT permissions do not display properly--they'll be shown as null. See Sybase's document CR392544 ("sp_helpprotect does not show privileges related to encryption keys."). This has been fixed in ASE version 12.5.3a/ESD#1 (now available as a download) and ASE version 12.5.4.
  • When you are using the Debugger:
  • The BCP (bulk copy) data movement option is disabled for cross-platform migration. In addition, to use the BCP in a Sybase-to-Sybase migration, the user must be logged in as System Administrator *or* the "select into/bulkcopy/pllsort" database option must be true on the target catalog. If this option is "false" on the target catalog, BCP will not appear as a data movement option for non-system users.
  • Schema migration jobs created in earlier versions of DBArtisan that were saved with a .migrate file extension must be re-created in DBArtisan 8.1 or later. Only migration jobs with a .sav extension can be reused.
  • DBArtisan is currently unable to create table names, column names, and check constraint names longer than 18 characters on an OS390 mainframe database.
  • On SQL Server 2005, the Browser component is disabled by default. With this service disabled, in DBArtisan you cannot reference SQL Server instances by name, only by port number. If you want the ability to reference SQL Server instances by name, you must enable this service on the server.

    Bugs Fixed in DBArtisan 8.6.1
    DBA-16235 When there is /**/ inside the content that need to be commented in ISQL window, error occurs. All
    DBA-16553 Extract is not correct when performed for multiple databases; "USE master" clause is missing All
    DBA-13714 Unable to "EXTRACT" object type Database Link due to error - Error during object population. Type = DATABASELINK Oracle
    DBA-15561 DBA8.5.5 Application crash when trying to open an object after the server was stopped Oracle
    DBA-15752 DBA 8.6.0 #3805 - When Creating an Oracle Database Link an error appears "insufficient privileges" Oracle
    DBA-15839 DB Buffer size is not showing up correctly after connecting to a datasource Oracle
    DBA-16173 DDL Tab is not showing the correct DDL for a BIGFILE TABLESPACE Oracle
    DBA-16185 When logging into datasource and prompted with Password Expired, user provides new password but sees error ORA-01017 after login Oracle
    DBA-16217 When extracting an external table, the customer believes that LOGGING, NOCACHE, NOPARALLEL should not be included in the extract Oracle
    DBA-16258 Tablespace datafile display page does not show the MB size correctly, seems to be truncated - DDL extract appears to show the correct number Oracle
    DBA-14096 Failed to create connection. Url or driver class may be incorrect. Network error IOException. Connection refused:connect. SQL Server
    DBA-14831 Crashes after running a query, then leaving it idle SQL Server
    DBA-15805 MS SQL Error Log date format is inconsistent in SQL Server 2000 v.s. SQL Server 2005 SQL Server
    DBA-16129 When changing the status of a foreign key from Enabled to Disabled and back to Enabled, the object acquires an attribute of WITH NOCHECK. SQL Server
    DBA-16167 Error Logs can't be displayed for for SQL Server 2005 SQL Server
    DBA-16966 Extraction Wizard Issue with performing the extraction selecting all database objects - something with SYSDIAGRAMS in the error log SQL Server
    DBA-8926 2nd schema extract from a Sybase datasource results in error The ObjectRoot is in an inconsistent state (Columns has not been set)... Sybase
    DBA-13555 Editor Outlining is not picking COMMIT or ROLLBACK for queries beginning with BEGIN TRAN Sybase
    DBA-14385 [8.5.1] - DB Monitor not displaying information for selected server Sybase
    DBA-15922 Ability to create a clustered index that allows duplicate rows (Sybase ASE) lost after upgrading to DB855 Sybase
    DBA-16442 [8.6.0B1 #3830] - Bound value is too long for the buffer Sybase
    DBA-16620 Tabbing through parameters of an executed procedure simply recycles through the current row without progressing to the next. Sybase
    DBA-16758 SQL Extract' no longer extracts primary key constraint for views in Sybase Sybase
    RAP-5247 When browsing roles, an user that inherits a DBA privilege through a role is warned that he needs DBA privileges Oracle
    Bugs Fixed in DBArtisan 8.6
    DBA-3673 [8.5.2] - Summary Report cannot be sent as MAIL All
    DBA-9593 User is unable to launch Performance Analyst on IE Browser All
    DBA-12280 The changes made in the Query Builder are not getting saved though the same has been saved by the user All
    DBA-13688 Crash submitted via Problem Report All
    DBA-13739 Crash submitted via Problem Report - RSQL- All
    DBA-13796 Problem Report crash starting RapidSQL All
    DBA-13816 [8.5.0#3605] - Procedure execution : impossible to use default parameter All
    DBA-14520 Can't assign F5 to execute sql All
    DBA-14716 Copying text from MS Word is not formatting Quotes correctly All
    DBA-15053 Crash when initializing Logging in DBArtisan Startup All
    DBA-15136 Duplicate Join Created in the WHERE clause when using ANSI Joins All
    DBA-15521 Find/Replace arguments not saved when application is shutdown All
    DBA-15818 After upgrade to 854, find & Replace doesn't find everything and Replace ALL locks up the session and the user is forced into killing. All
    DBA-15877 Replace All can run forever (infinite loop) All
    DBA-16079 Unable to Edit Row using Edit Data Menu All
    DBA-16082 When extracting the DDL for a View, DDL is truncated both via Ad Hoc extraction and Schema Extraction Wizard All
    DBA-16156 Silent installer leaving old version installed All
    DBA-16334 Find is not working for accentuated or foreign characters All
    DBA-6850 Program Unable to perform lexical cast error in output window when clicking on space and home button in Performance Analyst DB2
    DBA-14083 After upgrading to DB850 the new monitor for db2 luw doesn't have any timing information DB2
    DBA-14708 For DB2 v9 and unique indexes, NOT PARTITIONED IN is not showing up in the DDL extract DB2
    DBA-14784 Cannot change datatype for column due to constraints not being dropped in the right order in the ALTER script DB2
    DBA-15353 Some Japanese Characters not appearing correctly in the menu's DB2
    DBA-15554 Cannot see information for Views in DB2 9.5 database DB2
    DBA-15747 Incorrect value displayed for " Do not initially log " Table property DB2
    DBA-15866 Tablespace Extract is only showing GRANT statement(s) fails to show anything else like Create or Container statements - DDL and Container Tab show information fine DB2
    DBA-15868 Altering a table with a rename of a column (which happens to be the partitioning key) fails to update in the ALTER preview script DB2
    DBA-15920 After altering a column's type, the resulting alterscript doesn't include the changed column in an sql statement to move the data. This worked in DB813 DB2
    DBA-16039 Database Monitor processes are not colored correctly DB2
    DBA-16300 User can run PA (for DB2) from DBArtisan application but is unable to run the HTML version of PA since upgrading to DB855 (from DB810) DB2
    DBA15799 Tablespaces are not being extracted - Error during object population = Tablespace DB2 Z/OS
    DBA-12177 When running a query that ran in DBArtisan 8.1 customer gets an error, Access denied - SUPER privilege MySQL
    DBA-12560 The 'Format SQL' button is missing (even from the right-click menu) after coded edit and recompile Oracle
    DBA-13031 [8.5.1] - Received the following error for any user 'roles' tab - failed to populate for object type ROLE Oracle
    DBA-13570 When extracting a database link it does not show the "identified by" Oracle
    DBA-13762 Oracle explorer table view is experiencing slow performance in generating object list and details Oracle
    DBA-14015 After extracting the DDL for a role the users assigned the role are no longer included Oracle
    DBA-14113 Generated syntax isn't completely correct when extracting a partitioned table Oracle
    DBA-14371 [8.5.2 # 3679] - Unable to extract objects for a user against multiple databases Oracle
    DBA-15031 Tool bar is disabled when open a procedure and highlight the code Oracle
    DBA-15034 After upgrading from DB815 to DB853 ISQL editor doesn't show the correct colors in certain scenarios Oracle
    DBA-15183 [8.5.3] - Contents of wrong database are shown when the same login is used to connect to a prod & dev DB Oracle
    DBA-15250 Database Search doesn't return results when searching database objects in the Triggers Oracle
    DBA-15417 Negative numbers appear for tablespace extraction using the Embarcadero Driver Oracle
    DBA-15545 Problem Report Crash: Right clicking on packages crashes DBArtisan in some situations Oracle
    DBA-15640 Date/Time Format option settings still apply even though user uncheck it and create an alter session NLS_TIMESTAMP_FORMAT with a different format Oracle
    DBA-15664 Index sort order is incorrect Oracle
    DBA-15766 In result window, after delete a null column, the non-null column to the right of the null column becomes null Oracle
    DBA-15812 Invalid Query run against an Oracle 8.1.6 server column name CLUSTER_OWNER is not supported Oracle
    DBA-15846 Find & Replace doesn't replace the first highlighted string when user chooses Replace All Oracle
    DBA-15856 Oracle: Going to security, right-click on a user and open to go to object permissions tab gives and error on latest build of DB855 Oracle
    DBA-15959 After upgrading to DB855 users are unable to perform SQL extracts of materialized views under individual schema owners. They have to connect as SYSTEM to perform the extracts Oracle
    DBA-16257 The 'FOR UPDATE' clause of a materialized view is not being included during SQL generation when the extract button is pressed Oracle
    DBA-16263 ORA-00904: Invalid column name" when clicking on Tablespaces node in Oracle 8.0 Oracle
    DBA-9508 SQL Server database tables don't sort by name when using alphanumeric characters SQL Server
    DBA-12704 Unable to create/drop/view the properties of SQL Server Agent objects (Jobs, Alerts, and Operators) in Windows Vista Ultimate operating systems SQL Server
    DBA-14252 Error during object population Type = Trigger SQL Server
    DBA-14279 When editing a multi-file Filegroup and changing its autogrow size, some of the values revert back to zero in SQL Server 2005 SQL Server
    DBA-14317 SQL creates SQL Server 2005 table incorrectly. The same SQL works in SSMgmt Studio and DB812 SQL Server
    DBA-14322 Trying to view a job in the SQL Agent generates error message for SQL Server 2000 & 2005 SQL Server
    DBA-14656 8.5.2] - Unable to do a successful backup 0x80010105 SQL Server
    DBA-15033 Database search results appear succesfully but the error Ljava.lang.String occurs in output log SQL Server
    DBA-15443 Problem Report: DBArtisan Crashes when viewing Top SQL Cache in DB Monitor SQL Server
    DBA-15859 Database Search error when searching any object- No SQL parameter found for that translator property. Cannot filter on that attribute. SQL Server
    DBA-15861 DDL extracting resulting in error in SQL Server environment for particular user - Can't find resource for bundle java.util.PropertyResourceBundle.key DiskCacheCreateFailed SQL Server
    DBA-15996 After installing DB855, backup analyst gives error Msg 65280, Level 16, State 0, Line 0 [severity=16,msgnum=-2147417851,state=0]Error Number: 0x80010105 SQL Server
    DBA-16485 [8.6.0B2 #3841] - Failed to create a connection. Url or driver class may be incorrect. Login failed for user '(null)'. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection. SQL Server
    DBA-16618 Triggers are failing to extract or display in Definition tab correctly, they appear to be truncated SQL Server
    DBA-16262 Datatype size attributes for columns are not displayed for editing purposes SQL Server
    DBA-16347 8.6.0B1 #3830] - Extract of view - missing lines SQL Server
    DBA-11586 DBA850#3518:An inappropriate database details is displayed in the 'Device Usage' and 'Segments' in the 'Databases' tab of the Sybase 15 space analyst Sybase
    DBA-11907 [8.5.0 #3524]: Error when extracting the text of certain stored procedures. "Error during object population. Type = PROCEDURE" Sybase
    DBA-13021 [8.5.0#3561] - Number (207) Severity (16) State (4) Server (SYBASE) Procedure (dbo.test) Invalid column name 'Ship-To' Sybase
    DBA-13188 When dropping databases, DDL Preview varies in times in generating the DDL view Sybase
    DBA-13547 [8.5.0#3592] - SQL Editor - Problem typing characters like �,�,� Sybase
    DBA-13610 Objects do not refresh when select from a different database Sybase
    DBA-13622 Trigger extract creates invalid DDL Sybase
    DBA-13769 Extract a trigger, logins comes up with wrong definition Sybase
    DBA-13993 Database Extract is different in the way it orders the devices in the extract Sybase
    DBA-14073 Incorrect syntax generated by the Query Builder's Sybase
    DBA-14093 Date time value tab is not moving user to next field in procedure execution window Sybase
    DBA-14160 [8.5.0#3605] - Unable to extract or view double-byte character sets in foreign language Sybase
    DBA-14265 DBA 851: The sql obtained for Sybase database extraction is different than the one obtained in 815 Sybase
    DBA-14356 [8.5.1] - SQL Ordering - Primary keys created 1st causing sql to fail Sybase
    DBA-14386 [8.5.1] - Ad Hoc Extraction "Error during object population. Type = TABLE." Sybase
    DBA-14561 Granting roles to a login account doesn't appear in the login's extract Sybase
    DBA-14710 Sybase syntax highlighting doesn't work in ISQL for characters following the # sign. Type the following line in DB815 and DB852 ISQL to see difference: Select * From #temp Where user = "A" Sybase
    DBA-14858 When delete column(s) in select * result window, smalldatetime column's NULL value changes to "0/0/0000 12:00:00.000 AM" Sybase
    DBA-15029 Sybase remote foreign keys are not populated/extracted correctly Sybase
    DBA-15262 After upgrade to DB853, file execution utility executes sql in file but only outputs the result set column headers Sybase
    DBA-15510 Sybase schema migration not successful due to ordering of tasks after upgrading to DB854 Sybase
    DBA-15563 Unable to grant role to procedure when quotes exist around the rolename Sybase
    DBA-15586 A long Default Value of a column in a Table is failing to extract properly, value is being truncated and appears cut off in display as well Sybase
    DBA-15562 Missing quotes when creating a role with a space in the nameL Sybase
    DBA-15564 Role names with Cyrillic characters not extracted properly leading to syntax issue when running DDL Sybase
    DBA-15678 Java.lang.stackoverflow error during stored procedures extraction in the wizard Sybase
    DBA-15765 Sort column order is incorrect Sybase
    DBA-15782 Unable to load children (Number (530) Severity (16) State (1), when running Sybase on the Small Business edition (Developer). Sybase
    DBA-15821 Find and Replace causes whole lines to intermittently disappear Sybase
    DBA-15863 Database Search no longer works after upgrading to DB855 - No sql parameter found for that translator property. Cannot filter on that attribute Sybase

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