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ReadMe Last Published: May 3, 2012. Any updates to these notes will be available at http://docs.embarcadero.com/.

Thank you for using Embarcadero DB Change Manager! Its compare, synchronization, data masking, and auditing capabilities let you track and report on changes, roll out new releases, and pinpoint performance problems resulting from changes to the data, schema, and database configurations. By comparing a live database to a schema or configuration “snapshot” administrators can quickly identify changes and correct problems. By monitoring configuration settings, DBAs can ensure compliance with regulatory policies and performance standards, and maintain overall database performance and availability.

What's New in Change Manager 6.0

See the DB Change Manager User Guide at http://docs.embarcadero.com/products/change_manager/ or the online help for details about the new features. Changes in this release include:

Changes in the 6.0 release include:

• You can export and import jobs as zip files.  

• Schema archive job performance is optimized for improved usability and scalability. The memory footprint was reduced and you can now successfully run larger schema archive jobs. You can browse pages of results, filter and select or deselect objects, and see a summary report of the objects used by the DDL extraction script.  

• If multiple valid licenses are detected at startup, a dialog prompts you to select the preferred license.

• When comparing master catalogs or user mappings in a schema comparison job, you can select multiple targets against a single source. The mapping page has changed allowing the user to map one source database/user to multiple database/users on the target datasource.

• Data comparison job performance is optimized to support larger jobs.

• For schema comarison and schema archive jobs, the Include Table Dependencies option will extract all table dependencies. By default it is not selected.  

• To improve performance for many cases, preferences for the SQL Editor have changed. The Enable SQL Parser option now includes a file size threshold. By default, SQL files smaller than 700 KB enable the parser, and files larger than that disable the parser. You can configure the file size. The Parsing Delay option is no longer supported.  

SQL Editor Results Viewer preferences include the option to save the output to a file.  

• Data sources have a Category property so that you can sort them by Development, Test, QA, and Production color-coded categories.  

• The data comparison job preference Drop and Recreate Foreign Keys behavior is clarified. By default, this option is selected. If you choose to deselect this option, a data comparison job will generate ordered table insert and delete statements. If the default comparison key is changed the DML generated by CM/Data may not respect referential integrity. Also, in order to respect referential integrity all dependent tables must be selected in the mapping page. 

Release Notes

System Requirements

DBMS Support

Important Advisory Notes


Known Issues

Bug Fixes

System Requirements

Change Manager supports the following operating systems:

The following operating systems are not supported in the 6.0/XE2 release:

DBMS Support

Change Manager supports the following platforms.

Important Advisory Notes


DB Change Manager 6.0 should be installed in a different directory than previous versions. If DB Change Manager is installed in the same directory, the following error will result in at application start up: "Unable to read workbench state. Workbench UI layout will be reset."

If a previous version is already installed on your machine, either change the default Workspace or delete all files from the Workspace directory. The Workspace directory location appears whenever you start DB Change Manager and can be redefined from this dialog box. If the same Workspace is indicated for the new version, as was indicated previously, the following error will result: "Cannot restore workbench layout."

If DB Change Manager is already running, you can also modify the Workspace directory by choosing File > Switch Workspace > Other from the Main menu.

The format in which schema comparisons are saved has changed in 6.0. Use the import feature to import pre-6.0 schema comparison jobs.

DB Change Manager 6.0 provides an upgrade process for moving jobs and other information from an existing Change Manager 4.0, 5.0, 5.1.x, 5.5.x or 5.6 installations.

NOTE: You do not have to upgrade to 5.6 and then to 6.0. The import procedure is the same.

Upgrading from Version 5.0, 5.1.x, 5.5.x or 5.6 to Version 6.0

All objects can be imported from version 5.0, 5.1.x, 5.5.x or 5.6 to Version 6.0.

To upgrade from 5.0, 5.1.x, 5.5.x or 5.6:

  1. Make sure that the earlier product is not running and that no command line jobs are being processed.
  2. Install and run DB Change Manager 6.0 in a different directory than the previous installation.
  3. The Welcome to DB Change Manager dialog opens with the Setup and Import data sources, jobs, and settings from a previous version import options selected.
  4. Click Get Started to launch the Import Wizard. Alternatively, you can launch the Import Wizard from the main menu:
  5. Select the version of Change Manager from which to import.
  6. Select the location of your DB Change Manager workspace. The default value is the default workspace, so you need only change this value if you configured DB Change Manager to store the workspace in a custom location.
  7. The wizard imports the items from the previous Change Manager version. Click Next to continue through each step of the wizard.
  8. Click Finish. The jobs are imported to version 6.0.

Upgrading from Version CMSchema 4.0 or CMData/Config 4.0 to 6.0

The following objects can be imported from version 4.0:

The following objects cannot be imported from version 4.0:

Note: 4.0 should remain installed to access any archives and reports.

To upgrade from CM Schema 4.0:

  1. To import schema comparison jobs from 4.0, obtain and install cmschema_40_932_upgrade.exe from your Embarcadero Technologies Support representative.
  2. Run cmschema_40_932_upgrade.exe to convert the schema component jobs from version 4.0 to 5.0, which uses an XML-based format.
  3. Follow the steps as described in the previous section, "Upgrading from Version 5.0, 5.1.x, 5.5.x or 5.6".

Known Issues


Schema Comparison

Data Comparison

Bug Fixes

Bugs fixed in Change Manager 6.0.1 include:
Bug DBMS Description
14013 All DBArtisan/RapidSQL and DB Change Manager should be able to share data sources.

Bugs fixed in Change Manager 6.0 include:
Bug DBMS Description
12008 All Errors are thrown when you generate a large SQL data script and paste something into it.
13124 All Comparison Summary contains UTC time - should be localized time.
13145 Sybase Schema Comparison Sync script results only show ALTER statements as if Ignore Permissions option was not enabled
13335 SQL Server Incorrect Matching on SQL server when ignore name case option is checked
13539 All Incorrect matching index when using an archive as Target for a schema comparison.
13711 All Oracle Data Comparison sends redundant set time zone calls to the server each time it compares timestamp fields
13792 SQL Server Cannot have both a default value specified on a column and a Default object bound to a column
13801 Sybase Not able to map UDT columns on DATA comparison SYBASE
13825 Oracle Identical tables seen as different when comparing Oracle AL32UTF8 based tables with default tables
13925 All Different results when running a job from the UI and command line (Dependencies - object permissions related )
13829 SQL Server Invalid extract for foreign keys on SQL server
13938 Oracle Objects with the name BIN are not picked in archive vs. live/live vs. archive comparisons

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