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ReadMe Last Updated: January 30, 2013. Any updates to these ReadMe notes will be available at docs.embarcadero.com.

Thank you for using Embarcadero AppWave 4.1.

Based on Embarcadero ToolCloud technology, AppWave is a Private PC App Store that takes the friction out of traditional software applications, boosting user and organizational productivity by converting applications into AppWave Apps.

AppWave works with all types of PC apps, including software applications that you may have purchased, applications that you have developed in house, and of course Embarcadero's own award-winning portfolio of tools for the developer, architect, and database professional. You may also find certain free apps available to you through Embarcadero's own AppWave Store, that will help you explore AppWave, discover new apps, and experience the power of AppWave.

AppWave comprises three primary components:

And of course at the heart of the matter are the apps themselves. Apps are housed in one place--inside of your own AppWave--and can be broadcast to users on demand, according to their assigned rights and license availability.

For more detailed information, see the documentation at docs.embarcadero.com.

What's New in AppWave

Release Notes

Additional Resources

What's New in AppWave 4.1

This section describes the new features of the various AppWave components in this release.

AppWave Public Store

AppWave Enterprise Store

AppWave Browser

AppWave Studio

What's New in AppWave 4.0

This section describes the new features of the various AppWave components in this release.

AppWave Public Store

AppWave Enterprise Store

AppWave Browser

AppWave Studio


Release Notes

System Requirements

AppWave Public and Enterprise Store Requirements

The AppWave Store is supported on the following internet browsers:

AppWave Enterprise Requirements

AppWave 32-bit Minimum Requirements

AppWave 64-bit Minimum Requirements

Requirements for the 64-bit version of AppWave are the same as for the 32-bit version, except for the following:

General AppWave Requirements

AppWave Browser Technical Requirements

AppWave Studio Technical Requirements

Limitations of Application Virtualization

Some apps in AppWave will perform automatic updates from vendor websites. Such in-app auto-updates will generally not work in a virtualized app. Should such an auto-update happen when running an app from AppWave, AppWave Browser users should cancel the update operation as it is likely to fail. Similarly, users should not select menu items within an app that aims to update from vendor website. The solution is to apply updates for existing apps once for all users via the mastering process using AppWave Studio. The most recent versions of Embarcadero XE apps are always available on the AppWave Store and are made available to Embarcadero users with maintenance contracts. Embarcadero also updates third party apps on the AppWave Store regularly.

Known AppWave Issues

Known AppWave issues are divided into the following categories:

Public AppWave Store

AppWave Enterprise Store

  • AW-7290: After upgrading, for complex applications such as Microsoft Office, the number of seats available will be set to unlimited. You will need to reset the number of seats licensed in the License Automation pages for the application.

    AppWave Browser

    AppWave Studio

    App Specific

    Upgrading AppWave

    This section contains the following topics:

    Upgrade Notes

    AppWave is based on the Embarcadero ToolCloud technologies. If you are running ToolCloud and ToolBox, the following information will help you upgrade to the new system.

    Upgrade Instructions

    The wizard-based installer guides you through the upgrade process. This section describes installation prerequisites and the Installation Wizard. It also provides information about decisions you must make during installation. You must have administrative privileges to run the install. To complete the installation, you need to complete each panel of the Installation Wizard.

    Installation Wizard - License Agreement

    To start the installation process:

    1. Double-click setup.exe and the License Agreement appears.
    2. Click I accept the terms of the License Agreement.
    3. Click Next and the previous version detected panel appears.

    Installation Wizard - Upgrade previous AppWave version

    Installation Wizard - Remove previous Embarcadero License Center

    In ToolCloud versions 1.x, Embarcadero License Center (ELC) was installed as a separate application. In AppWave, ELC is more tightly integrated into the product. This screen will only appear if you are upgrading from ToolCloud to AppWave. When upgrading AppWave, you will not see this screen.

    Installation Wizard - Install Options

    From this point onwards, the upgrade and install procedures are identical. For information on the options available, see "Installing AppWave" in the AppWave Administrator Guide.

    AppWave Browser Upgrade Notes

    Upgrading Using the Media Kit

    Upgrade ToolCloud 1.x to AppWave 3.x using the Upgrade instructions described above in Upgrade Instructions. For information on updating the product catalog and applications, consult the AppWave Quick Start Guide.

    Migrating ToolCloud Settings to AppWave

    If you have ToolCloud installed on one system and want to upgrade to AppWave and install AppWave on a different system, you can migrate your ToolCloud ELC settings such as licenses, users, and groups to the new AppWave by following these steps.

    1. Install AppWave on the new system.
    2. Backup the license files on the AppWave installation, so that if something goes wrong you can go back to previous settings. These files are located in …\[AppWave_install_dir]\elc\conf and include:
      • Licenses.zip
      • userlist_concurrent.txt
      • userlist.txt
      • iplist.txt
      • groups.xml
    3. Backup the licenses zip files located in …\[ELC_install_dir]\conf (default: C:\Embarcadero\ELC4.2\LicenseCenter\conf).
    4. In the MANAGE LICENSES area, click License Inventory and then click Import License. Browse to the license .zip file and then click Import License or you can copy the licenses to …\[AppWave_install_dir]\elc\conf on the system running AppWave .
    5. Backup the licenses assignments files located in …\[ELC_install_dir]\conf. Copy them to …\[AppWave_install_dir]\elc\conf on the machine running AppWave .
    6. Reload the license files, In the MANAGE LICENSES area, click License Inventory > License Files and then click Reload License Files.

    Replacing Embarcadero License Center with AppWave

    The Embarcadero License Center software has been integrated into AppWave. If you are upgrading your Embarcadero License Center (ELC) installation, you will set up licenses, users and groups. You do not have to cache products on AppWave if AppWave will only be managing your site licenses and you do not have an All-Access license.

    Bugs Fixed in AppWave 4.0
    AW-6125 [Regression] "An outgoing call cannot be made since the application is dispatching an input-synchronous call" error displayed.
    AW-6137 When you search for a product and multiple results are found, their icons are not properly listed.
    AW-6090 Launching Performance Analyst from DBArtisan 9.1.1 app does not work.
    AW-6193 Relation between LDAP user and group is not imported when group name is different than pre-Windows 2000 group name.
    AW-6112 Error message is returned after turbo mode is disabled.
    AW-6076 [Regression] When switching to User Mode, Driver is not uninstalled after reboot.
    AW-6028 Browser displays offline warning for dummy app.
    AW-6015 Browser occasionally displays RES_E_ITEM_NOT_FOUND error on start.
    AW-6012 Excluded registry keys still be capture by StreamingFSD.
    AW-6011 Unable to create instance of StreamingCore: unable to get error message error message is returned.
    AW-5893 Research - Longer the streaming performance test results in a sizable increase in the time to stream an app.
    AW-5892 Research - Linear increase in time to stream an app related to number of threads used..
    AW-5876 Reconstructing an App from AppWave Studio returns Quit ReconstructAppToMachine. Status: 0.
    AW-5874 [Regression] AppWave Browser fails to display Edition on Overview Page and Versions Page.
    AW-5817 [Regression] Increased timing for record and install, master and broadcast processes.
    AW-5798 IBM Rational Application Developer fails to run on Win 7 64.
    AW-5733 [Regression] Unable to launch SAP Crystal Reports after the app was broadcasted.
    AW-5651 The results from "View All", after search, are not accurrate.
    AW-5558 Tab buttons in Store App Channels are not displayed properly in IE8, 9 and on AWB running on a Windows XP machine.
    AW-5460 Win7 (x64) registry issues.
    AW-5413 [REGRESSION] Some apps like Adobe Audition and Dreamweaver fail to launch at prefetch and launch after broadcast.
    AW-5412 [Sometimes 1 out of 10] Uninstall and reinstall leave the system in bad state.
    AW-5307 "Streaming player failed to initialize properly" error is returned when launching apps with turbo mode disabled.
    AW-5255 Visio/Project/ Office .app fails to launch with error "AppWave Streaming Server timeout".
    AW-5088 Search word is missing from Store search field with IE (9.0, 8.0, 7.0).
    AW-5082 Sign Up form validation is performed when searching on Store.
    AW-5039 Adobe® Audition® blocks when trying to browse on the disk for saving a file on Windows 7 x64.
    AW-4988 When using two apps that have connection to Microsoft SQL Server (ADO), the provider list it's not displayed and you are not able to establish a connection to a database.
    AW-4743 Visio .app (installed on C:\Program Files) failes to launch on Win 7 64 bits only.
    AW-4456 BSOD appeared after closing LibreOffice 3.3 on Windows 7x86.
    AW-4227 Microsoft Project and Microsoft Visio fail to launch when Norton Internet Security 2012, McAfee Total Protection or Avast Internet Security 7 anti-virus programs are installed on the machine running AppWave Browser.
    AW-4218 [Sometimes] [Once] Access violation appears when trying to load Store page.
    AW-4214 [SOMETIMES -rare] When upgrading from 3.0.1 to 3.1 Browser (build 81) using DM from Production Store, after OS reboot Mad Except appears.
    AW-4094 Cannot search for 0 (zero) on production store.
    AW-4083 AppWave Browser becomes unresponsive if the user does not choose one of the options from EULA dialog for a few hours (after launching an app from store).
    AW-3798 From the Account Dashboard in the AppWave Store, you cannot change your contact details, password, and Newsletter preference if you have an EDN account that was created before accessing the store and your EDN details are missing some attributes that are now required, such as language, company, phone, and state. You will first need to provide these details on the Member Services page of the Embarcadero Developer Network Website, edn.embarcadero.com.
    AW-3778 [Regression]Unable to launch OpenOffice after Record an Install.
    AW-3632 AppWave Browser crashes upon pressing cursor up or down key while the focus is on the address bar.
    AW-3613 Apps launched from the Store provide feedback only at the beginning of the launching process. You may think the app has hung but should just wait a little while for the app to run.
    AW-3548 Rapid SQL could not be started on Windows 7x64.
    AW-3446 IBM Rational Application Developer .app fails to launch from Start menu, launch process enters in a loop - 32 bits VMs.
    AW-3261 Upgrade of the AppWave browser takes several minutes with no feedback to the user.
    AW-3162 When AppWave Browser is installed by a non-administrator user who is running the installer as an administrator, AppWave Browser should be installed for all users on the machine.
    AW-2603 [Regression] Some products launched on 2.0.1 AWB version return "Failed to launch"/"License server does not have license for this product" error after AWB is upgraded.
    AW-1335 The Register and Forgot Password links are not highlighted if you use TAB control.

    Embarcadero Technologies Technical Support

    If you have a valid maintenance contract with Embarcadero Technologies, our Support team will assist you with any problems you have with our applications. Our maintenance contract also entitles registered users of Embarcadero Technologies products to download free software upgrades during the active contract period.

    Evaluators receive free technical support for the term of their evaluation. To download evaluations of Embarcadero Technologies products go to the www.embarcadero.com.

    To contact Support, go to Support.