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ReadMe Last Updated: February 13, 2012. Any updates to these ReadMe notes will be available at docs.embarcadero.com.

Thank you for using Embarcadero AppWave 3.0.

Based on Embarcadero ToolCloud technology, AppWave is a Private PC App Store that takes the friction out of traditional software applications, boosting user and organizational productivity by converting applications into AppWave Apps.

AppWave works with all types of PC apps, including software applications that you may have purchased, applications that you have developed in house, and of course Embarcadero's own award-winning portfolio of tools for the developer, architect, and database professional. You may also find certain free apps available to you through Embarcadero's own AppWave Store, that will help you explore AppWave, discover new apps, and experience the power of AppWave.

AppWave comprises two primary components:

And of course at the heart of the matter are the apps themselves. Apps are housed in one place--inside of your own AppWave--and can be broadcast to users on demand, according to their assigned rights.

For more detailed information, see the documentation at docs.embarcadero.com.

What's New in AppWave 3.0

Release Notes

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What's New in AppWave

New Features

This section describes the new features of the latest release of AppWave. New Features of AppWave Host 3.0


Release Notes

System Requirements

AppWave Minimum Requirements

AppWave Browser Technical Requirements

AppWave Studio Technical Requirements

Known AppWave Issues

AppWave Server

AppWave Browser

AppWave Studio

Product specific

Upgrading AppWave

This section contains the following topics:

Upgrade Notes

AppWave is the new name for the ToolCloud technologies. If you are running ToolCloud and ToolBox, the following information will help you upgrade to the new system.

Upgrade Instructions

The wizard-based installer guides you through the upgrade process. This section describes installation prerequisites and the Installation Wizard. It also provides information about decisions you must make during installation. You must have administrative privileges to run the install. To complete the installation, you need to complete each panel of the Installation Wizard.

Installation Wizard - License Agreement

To start the installation process:

  1. Double-click setup.exe and the License Agreement appears.
  2. Click I accept the terms of the License Agreement.
  3. Click Next and the previous version detected panel appears.

Installation Wizard - Upgrade previous AppWave version

Installation Wizard - Remove previous Embarcadero License Center

In ToolCloud versions 1.x, Embarcadero License Center (ELC) was installed as a separate application. In AppWave, ELC is more tightly integrated into the product. This screen will only appear if you are upgrading from ToolCloud to AppWave. When upgrading AppWave, you will not see this screen.

Installation Wizard - Install Options

From this point onwards, the upgrade and install procedures are identical. For information on the options available, see "Installing AppWave" in the AppWave Administrator Guide.

AppWave Browser Upgrade Notes

Download AppWave Browser from the upgraded AppWave Host and then run it. AppWave Browser will prompt you to upgrade the first time it runs. Your bookmarks, folders, and local app repository will be retained.

Upgrading Using the Media Kit

Upgrade ToolCloud 1.x to AppWave 2.0 using the Upgrade instructions described above in Upgrade Instructions. For information on updating the product catalog and applications, consult the AppWave Quick Start Guide.

Migrating ToolCloud Settings to AppWave

If you have ToolCloud installed on one system and want to upgrade to AppWave and install AppWave on a different system, you can migrate your ToolCloud ELC settings such as licenses, users, and groups to the new AppWave by following these steps.

  1. Install AppWave on the new system.
  2. Backup the license files on the AppWave installation, so that if something goes wrong you can go back to previous settings. These files are located in �\[AppWave_install_dir]\elc\conf and include:
  3. Backup the licenses zip files located in …\[ELC_install_dir]\conf (default: C:\Embarcadero\ELC4.2\LicenseCenter\conf).
  4. In the MANAGE LICENSES area, click License Inventory and then click Import License. Browse to the license .zip file and then click Import License or you can copy the licenses to …\[AppWave_install_dir]\elc\conf on the system running AppWave .
  5. Backup the licenses assignments files located in …\[ELC_install_dir]\conf. Copy them to …\[AppWave_install_dir]\elc\conf on the machine running AppWave .
  6. Reload the license files, In the MANAGE LICENSES area, click License Inventory > License Files and then click Reload License Files.

Replacing Embarcadero License Center with AppWave

The Embarcadero License Center software has been integrated into AppWave. If you are upgrading your Embarcadero License Center (ELC) installation, you will set up licenses, users and groups. You do not have to cache products on AppWave if AppWave will only be managing your site licenses and you do not have an All-Access license.

Bug Fixes

Bugs Fixed in AppWave 3.0
AW-1975 Unicode passwords are now correctly saved.
AW-1832 LDAP users/groups are now correctly imported when they contain entities with long values.
AW-1808 EInvalidOperation message no longer appears in AppWave Browser when trying to use a proxy.
AW-1179 Reviews for LDAP users now display when searching reviews for User on the Moderate Reviews page.
AW-1164 Unicode users/groups are now correctly displayed on exported reports.
AW-982 ER/Studio DA 9.1 installer no longer freezes when installing on Win7 x86.
AW-871 AppWave no longer encounters OutOfMemory errors when importing a large number of LDAP users. System tests verified with an import of over 150,000 users.
AW-842 LDAP synchronization no longer fails for an LDAP server which has more than 153305 users.

Embarcadero Technologies Technical Support

If you have a valid maintenance contract with Embarcadero Technologies, our Support team will assist you with any problems you have with our applications. Our maintenance contract also entitles registered users of Embarcadero Technologies products to download free software upgrades during the active contract period.

Evaluators receive free technical support for the term of their evaluation. To download evaluations of Embarcadero Technologies products go to the www.embarcadero.com.

To contact Support, go to Support.