Migrating a Database in a Rails Project

Use one of the following methods to migrate to a database in a Rails Project.

To migrate using the Rails Console:

  1. Open the Rails Console and run:
    rake db:migrate
  2. Check the console to see the migration is completed without error.

To migrate using the Model Creation Wizard:

  1. Rails Model Wizard New Rails Project Wizard
    From the workbench select: File| New| Rails Model.
  2. Add the desired attributes in the Model Creation Wizard dialog.
  3. Check the Run the Migration after creating the Model checkbox.


    These steps require that the database is set up and the database.yml file is properly configured.

Tp run a migration from an Explorer:

  1. Right-click on the project folder from the Rails or Script Explorer.
  2. Select Rails| Database Migration.

To reverse a migration:

  1. Reverse a database migration using the Project Commander and the following command:
    rake migrate VERSION {ver. #}
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