Migrating a Rails 1.x Project to Rails 2.0

Though the complexity and variability of potential Rails 1.x projects prohibits a cut and dried, one-size-fits-all solution for migrating to Rails 2.0, 3rdRail does provide validation and, where possible, automatic fixes for many issues that arise when migrating a Rails 1.x project to Rails 2.0. This document provides best practices for making this transition using 3rdRail.

To migrate a Rails 1.x project to Rails 2.0

  1. Save a copy of the project before beginning. Either use your revision control system or do an Export:
    File| Export| General| File System Click Next, choose your project, choose a destination directory and click Finish.
  2. First update your project to Rails 1.2.6. This version of Rails exists largely to provide deprecation warnings for things which have been removed from Rails 2.0.
    Open environment.rb, found in the Configuration section of your project. Edit the RAILS_GEM_VERSION to be 1.2.6. Save the file.
  3. Saving the file will kick off an automatic build process. Now click on the Problems view in the area below the editor. Resolve any warnings or errors that appear. For common issues, 3rdRail will often have a Quick Fix implemented. Right-click on the problem and choose Quick Fix.
  4. Once all the warnings and errors have been resolved for 1.2.6, repeat the process for RAILS_GEM_VERSION 2.0.2.
Rails 2.0 Announcement [rubyonrails.com]
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