Deploying a Rails Application

To set up the production environment:

  1. Set up the production server as instructed.
  2. Navigate to the Rails project config file and open database.yml in the editor.
    Set up the database configuration preferences as required for the production server being used.
  3. Right-click the project file and select:
    Rails| Run database migration.

To deploy using Capistrano:

    You can use Capistrano to deploy your application.
  1. Install the Capistrano gem from the Project Commander.
    gem install capistrano
  2. Create a deployment recipe using steps provided in the Capistrano help.
  3. Run the rake command from the Project Commander and reveal avialable task options:
    rake -T
  4. Create the setup task:
    cap -a setup
  5. Run the rake cold_deploy task:
    rake remote:cold_deploy
  6. Right-click the project in the Rails Explorer and select Run as| Run on Server.

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