Creating a New View

A view defines the user interface, which can be simple HTML or can also have dynamic content. Rails uses templates to generate dynamic content. There are three types of dynamic-content templates: rhtml includes Ruby code with the html, rxml uses Ruby code to construct XML, and rjs supports JavaScript. 3rdRail provides specific wizards and editors for these file types.

A layout is a template defining the standard page elements used by a view.

Use the following steps to create a new RHTML file using the RHTML Wizard.

Open the RHTML File Wizard:

  1. From the workbench select RHTML File Wizard New Rails Project Wizard
    From the workbench select: File | New | RHTML file.
  2. Choose the directory and name the file.
    Click Next to choose from an existing template.
  3. Click Finish to open the new file in the .rhtml Editor.

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