Installing dexplore.exe Help Content Files 

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ReadMe Last Updated: June 24, 2011. Any updates to these notes will be available at

Thank you for using Embarcadero  products.  These notes describe how to install help content files (.hxs format) into the Microsoft  Document Explorer (dexplore.exe)  environment for these product releases:

The content files are not compatible with 2009 or prior releases of the Help. 

The content was developed for the Delphi and C++Builder XE releases, and contains information about functionality that is not available in the 2010 releases.

The June 2011 files contain RAD Studio XE Help Update 3 files. The June 2011 content files on the website follow this naming convention:

The August 2010 content files on the website follow this naming convention:

How to replace your existing Help content files:

  1. Exit the Help system.
  2. IMPORTANT: Check Task Manager > Processes to make sure that dexplore.exe is not running.
  3. Back up the existing content files in the <product>/Help/Doc directory. 
  4. Download latest .hxs files from
  5. Rename the files to overwrite the existing rad.hxs and vcl.hxs files in in the <product>/Help/Doc directory. 
  6. Open a command line window and navigate to the <product>/Help/Doc directory. 
  7. Run:
    h2reg -u 
  8. Run:
    h2reg -r 
  9. Restart the Help. The new content should be available to you.

For more information about h2reg, go to Helpware H2Reg Utility.

For more information about Microsoft Document Explorer, go to MS Help2 Info.