RAD Studio VCL Reference
SysUtils.FindCmdLineSwitch Function

Determines whether a string was passed as a command line argument to the application.

function FindCmdLineSwitch(const Switch: string; const Chars: TSysCharSet; IgnoreCase: Boolean): Boolean; overload;
function FindCmdLineSwitch(const Switch: string): Boolean; overload;
function FindCmdLineSwitch(const Switch: string; IgnoreCase: Boolean): Boolean; overload;
Boolean FindCmdLineSwitch(const AnsiString Switch, const TSysCharSet Chars, Boolean IgnoreCase);
Boolean FindCmdLineSwitch(const AnsiString Switch);
Boolean FindCmdLineSwitch(const AnsiString Switch, Boolean IgnoreCase);


FindCmdLineSwitch determines whether a string represents a command-line switch, based on the first character of the string. 

Switch is a command line parameter, typically provided by the ParamStr function. 

Chars is the set of characters that distinguish switches from other parameters. If SwitchChars is omitted, it defaults to '/' and '-' on Windows, and to '-' on Linux. 

IgnoreCase determines whether case-insensitive character matching is used. The default is true on Windows, false on Linux. 


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