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TPopupMenu Class

TPopupMenu encapsulates the properties, methods, and events of a pop-up menu.

TPopupMenu = class(TMenu);
class TPopupMenu : public TMenu;


Use TPopupMenu to define the pop-up menu that appears when the user clicks on a control with the right mouse button. To make a pop-up menu available, assign the TPopupMenu object to the control's PopupMenu property.

Tip: To create a popup menu that users can configure at runtime, use the TStandardMenuPopup component with an action manager instead.
Note: If the popup menu's ParentBiDiMode is true, the popup menu's BiDiMode is set to the BiDiMode of the control that activates it. If a control cannot be found, the BiDiMode is set to the value of the Application object's BiDiMode. The popup menu's BiDiMode affects all of its menu items.

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