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TFrame Class

TFrame is a container for components; it can be nested within forms or other frames.

TFrame = class(TCustomFrame);
class TFrame : public TCustomFrame;


When you create frames, they are implemented as descendants of TFrame. 

A frame, like a form, is a container for other components. It uses the same ownership mechanism as forms for automatic instantiation and destruction of the components on it, and the same parent-child relationships for synchronization of component properties. But frames can be nested within forms or other frames, and they can be saved on the Component palette for easy reuse. After a frame is created and saved, it continues to function as a unit and to inherit changes from the components (including other frames) it contains. Moreover, an embedded frame continues to inherit changes made to the frame from which it is derived. 

There is a nonstandard A-footnote (Frames_Object) in the main topic for TFrame. Please do not remove it, since it is necessary for making the Component palette Help work. 


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