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This is namespace Controls.

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TBaseDragControlObject object provides support for drag-and-drop or drag-and-dock operations. 
TControl is the base class for all components that are visible at runtime. 
This is class Controls.TControlAction. 
TControlActionLink links action objects to clients that descend from TControl
TControlCanvas is a specialized canvas object associated with a control. 
Base class for controls that wrap Windows screen objects but perform their own rendering. 
This is class Controls.TCustomControlAction. 
TCustomListControl is the base class for controls that display a list of items. 
TCustomMultiSelectListControl is the base class for list controls that allow multiple items to be selected. 
This is an abstract base class that is used as an ancestor for users to implement a custom panning window. 
Base class for transparent controls. 
TDockTree is the default docking manager for TWinControl
This is class Controls.TDockZone. 
TDragControlObject object provides for normal drag and drop operations. 
TDragControlObjectEx object provides for normal drag and drop operations. 
Contains drag-and-dock information for a control. 
Contains drag-and-dock information for a control. 
TDragImageList represents a set of images that appear during drag operations. 
TDragObject is a base class used for managing drag operations. 
TDragObjectEx is a base class used for managing drag operations. 
TGraphicControl is the base class for all lightweight controls. 
THintWindow implements the small pop-up window that appears over a control at runtime when the control has its ShowHint property set to true. 
TImageList represents a collection of same-sized images, each of which can be referred to by its index. 
Contains margins for the control. 
TMouse surfaces information about the mouse and specifies how the application responds to mouse messages. 
Contains the padding for the control. 
Contains size constraints for a control. 
TWinControl is the base class for all controls that are wrappers for Microsoft Windows screen objects. 
TWinControlActionLink is an action link used by descendants of TWinControl
Defines the default sets of anchor types for all component alignment values. 
This is constant Controls.CM_ACTIONEXECUTE. 
This is constant Controls.CM_ACTIONUPDATE. 
This is constant Controls.CM_ACTIVATE. 
This is constant Controls.CM_ALLCHILDRENFLIPPED. 
This is constant Controls.CM_APPKEYDOWN. 
This is constant Controls.CM_APPSYSCOMMAND. 
This is constant Controls.CM_BASE. 
This is constant Controls.CM_BIDIMODECHANGED. 
This is constant Controls.CM_BORDERCHANGED. 
This is constant Controls.CM_BUTTONPRESSED. 
This is constant Controls.CM_CANCELMODE. 
This is constant Controls.CM_CHANGED. 
This is constant Controls.CM_CHILDKEY. 
This is constant Controls.CM_COLORCHANGED. 
This is constant Controls.CM_CONTROLCHANGE. 
This is constant Controls.CM_CONTROLLISTCHANGE. 
This is constant Controls.CM_CONTROLLISTCHANGING. 
This is constant Controls.CM_CREATEPOPUP. 
This is constant Controls.CM_CTL3DCHANGED. 
This is constant Controls.CM_CTLCOLOREDITGLASS. 
This is constant Controls.CM_CURSORCHANGED. 
This is constant Controls.CM_DEACTIVATE. 
This is constant Controls.CM_DESIGNHITTEST. 
This is constant Controls.CM_DESTROYHANDLE. 
This is constant Controls.CM_DIALOGCHAR. 
This is constant Controls.CM_DIALOGHANDLE. 
This is constant Controls.CM_DIALOGKEY. 
This is constant Controls.CM_DOCKCLIENT. 
This is constant Controls.CM_DOCKNOTIFICATION. 
This is constant Controls.CM_DOCWINDOWACTIVATE. 
This is constant Controls.CM_DRAG. 
This is constant Controls.CM_ENABLEDCHANGED. 
This is constant Controls.CM_ENTER. 
This is constant Controls.CM_EXIT. 
This is constant Controls.CM_FLOAT. 
This is constant Controls.CM_FOCUSCHANGED. 
This is constant Controls.CM_FONTCHANGE. 
This is constant Controls.CM_FONTCHANGED. 
This is constant Controls.CM_GETDATALINK. 
This is constant Controls.CM_GOTFOCUS. 
This is constant Controls.CM_HINTSHOW. 
This is constant Controls.CM_HINTSHOWPAUSE. 
This is constant Controls.CM_HITTEST. 
This is constant Controls.CM_ICONCHANGED. 
This is constant Controls.CM_INVALIDATE. 
This is constant Controls.CM_INVALIDATEDOCKHOST. 
This is constant Controls.CM_INVOKEHELP. 
This is constant Controls.CM_ISSHORTCUT. 
This is constant Controls.CM_ISTOOLCONTROL. 
This is constant Controls.CM_LOSTFOCUS. 
This is constant Controls.CM_MENUCHANGED. 
This is constant Controls.CM_MOUSEACTIVATE. 
This is constant Controls.CM_MOUSEENTER. 
This is constant Controls.CM_MOUSELEAVE. 
This is constant Controls.CM_MOUSEWHEEL. 
This is constant Controls.CM_PARENTBIDIMODECHANGED. 
This is constant Controls.CM_PARENTCOLORCHANGED. 
This is constant Controls.CM_PARENTCTL3DCHANGED. 
This is constant Controls.CM_PARENTFONTCHANGED. 
This is constant Controls.CM_PARENTSHOWHINTCHANGED. 
This is constant Controls.CM_POPUPHWNDDESTROY. 
This is constant Controls.CM_RECREATEWND. 
This is constant Controls.CM_RELEASE. 
This is constant Controls.CM_SETACTIVECONTROL. 
This is constant Controls.CM_SHOWHINTCHANGED. 
This is constant Controls.CM_SHOWINGCHANGED. 
This is constant Controls.CM_SYSCOLORCHANGE. 
This is constant Controls.CM_SYSFONTCHANGED. 
This is constant Controls.CM_TABSTOPCHANGED. 
This is constant Controls.CM_TEXTCHANGED. 
This is constant Controls.CM_TIMECHANGE. 
This is constant Controls.CM_UIACTIVATE. 
This is constant Controls.CM_UIDEACTIVATE. 
This is constant Controls.CM_UNDOCKCLIENT. 
This is constant Controls.CM_VISIBLECHANGED. 
This is constant Controls.CM_WANTSPECIALKEY. 
This is constant Controls.CM_WINDOWHOOK. 
This is constant Controls.CM_WININICHANGE. 
This is constant Controls.CN_BASE. 
This is constant Controls.CN_CHAR. 
This is constant Controls.CN_CHARTOITEM. 
This is constant Controls.CN_COMMAND. 
This is constant Controls.CN_COMPAREITEM. 
This is constant Controls.CN_CTLCOLORBTN. 
This is constant Controls.CN_CTLCOLORDLG. 
This is constant Controls.CN_CTLCOLOREDIT. 
This is constant Controls.CN_CTLCOLORLISTBOX. 
This is constant Controls.CN_CTLCOLORMSGBOX. 
This is constant Controls.CN_CTLCOLORSCROLLBAR. 
This is constant Controls.CN_CTLCOLORSTATIC. 
This is constant Controls.CN_DELETEITEM. 
This is constant Controls.CN_DRAWITEM. 
This is constant Controls.CN_HSCROLL. 
This is constant Controls.CN_KEYDOWN. 
This is constant Controls.CN_KEYUP. 
This is constant Controls.CN_MEASUREITEM. 
This is constant Controls.CN_NOTIFY. 
This is constant Controls.CN_PARENTNOTIFY. 
This is constant Controls.CN_SYSCHAR. 
This is constant Controls.CN_SYSKEYDOWN. 
This is constant Controls.CN_VKEYTOITEM. 
This is constant Controls.CN_VSCROLL. 
Identifies the default cursor. 
Identifies an arrow cursor. 
Identifies an cross cursor. 
Identifies the default cursor. 
Identifies a drag cursor. 
Identifies a pointing hand cursor. 
Identifies a help cursor. 
Identifies an hour glass cursor. 
Identifies a horizontal split cursor. 
Identifies a text insert cursor. 
Identifies a multiple item drag cursor. 
Identifies a not allowed cursor. 
Identifies a not allowed to drop cursor. 
Identifies an invisible cursor. 
Identifies an obsolete cursor. 
Identifies a size in all directions cursor. 
Identifies a North-East to South-West sizing cursor. 
Identifies a vertical sizing cursor. 
Identifies a North-West to South-East sizing cursor. 
Identifies a horizontal sizing cursor. 
Identifies an SQL wait hour glass cursor. 
Identifies an upwards pointing arrow cursor. 
Identifies a vertical split cursor. 
This is constant Controls.CTL3D_ALL. 
Indicates that Abort was selected in a modal dialog. 
This is constant Controls.mrAll. 
Indicates that Cancel was selected in a modal dialog. 
Indicates that Ignore was selected in a modal dialog. 
Indicates that No was selected in a modal dialog. 
The default modal dialog return value. 
Indicates that 'No To All' was selected in a modal dialog. 
This is constant Controls.mrOk. 
Indicates that Retry was selected in a modal dialog. 
Indicates that Yes was selected in a modal dialog. 
Indicates that 'Yes To All' was selected in a modal dialog. 
This is constant Controls.NullDockSite. 
Cancels a drag-and-drop or drag-and-dock operation that is in progress. 
This is function Controls.ChangeBiDiModeAlignment. 
Returns the name of the predefined constant that corresponds to a cursor. 
Returns the AnsiString representation of a cursor. 
This is function Controls.DragDone. 
Returns the windowed control (Windows) or widget (cross-platform) whose window is identified by the specifiedhandle or which appears at a specified position. 
Returns the control at a specified screen coordinate. 
Returns the windowed control, if any, at the specified location. 
Returns the control, if any, that currently receives all mouse messages. 
Passes the name of every predefined cursor constant to a callback. 
Returns the second part of a two-part hint string. 
Returns the first part of a two-part hint string. 
Translates a predefined cursor constant into a cursor. 
This is function Controls.Imm32GetCompositionString. 
This is function Controls.Imm32GetContext. 
This is function Controls.Imm32GetConversionStatus. 
This is function Controls.Imm32IsIME. 
This is function Controls.Imm32NotifyIME. 
This is function Controls.Imm32ReleaseContext. 
This is function Controls.Imm32SetCompositionFont. 
This is function Controls.Imm32SetCompositionWindow. 
This is function Controls.Imm32SetConversionStatus. 
This is function Controls.Imm32SetOpenStatus. 
This is function Controls.InitWndProc. 
Checks the return value from a modal form dialog and indicates whether the user selected Abort or Cancel.  
Checks the return value from a modal form dialog and indicates whether the user selected All, Yes to All, or No to All.  
Indicates whether a specified object is a TDragObject descendant. 
Checks the return value from a modal form dialog and indicates whether the user selected No or No to All.  
Checks the return value from a modal form dialog and indicates whether the user selected Ok, Yes, Yes to All, or All.  
IsVCLControl returns true if a control is a VCL control. 
Changes the location of the point (0,0) within a device context. 
This is function Controls.PerformEraseBackground. 
Sends a Windows message to the application. 
Causes the specified control to receive all mouse messages. 
This is function Controls.SetImeMode. 
This is function Controls.SetImeName. 
Returns a TCursor value given its string representation. 
Converts a TModalResult value from a constant that refers to "all" to the corresponding simple constant. 
This is function Controls.Win32NLSEnableIME. 
IDockManager is the interface for docking managers. 
TAlign specifies the alignment of a control within its parent. 
This is record Controls.TAlignInfo. 
TAnchorKind and TAnchors specify how a control is anchored to its parent. 
TBevelCut specifies a bevel's cut. 
TBevelEdge and TBevelEdges specify which edges of a window are beveled. 
TBevelKind specifies the kind of bevel that appears on a control. 
This is record Controls.TCMCancelMode. 
This is record Controls.TCMChanged. 
This is record Controls.TCMChildKey. 
This is record Controls.TCMControlChange. 
This is record Controls.TCMControlListChange. 
This is record Controls.TCMControlListChanging. 
This is record Controls.TCMCreatePopup. 
This is record Controls.TCMDockClient. 
This is record Controls.TCMDockNotification. 
This is record Controls.TCMDrag. 
This is record Controls.TCMFloat. 
This is record Controls.TCMFocusChanged. 
This is record Controls.TCMMouseActivate. 
This is record Controls.TCMMouseWheel. 
This is record Controls.TCMPopupHWndDestroy. 
This is record Controls.TCMUnDockClient. 
This is record Controls.TControlListItem. 
TCreateParams is the window-creation parameter record used to specify the type of window to create for a windowed control. 
TDockNotifyRec represents the information from a Windows docking notification message, and PDockNotifyRec is a pointer to a TDockNotifyRec value. 
TDockOrientation specifies the orientation of controls in a docking zone. 
TDragKind indicates the type of operation that occurs when the user drags a control. 
This is record Controls.TDragMessage. 
TDragMode indicates how a control initiates drag operations. 
This is record Controls.TDragRec. 
TDragState is used to specify how the mouse is moving in relation to a control. 
TImeMode represents the current mode of an Input Method Editor (IME). 
TMouseActivate defines values for the OnMouseActivate event. 
This is record Controls.TMouseActivateRec. 
TMouseButton identifies a mouse button in a mouse-event handler. 
This is record Controls.TPopupFormInfo. 
This is type Controls.PControlListItem. 
This is type Controls.PDockNotifyRec. 
This is type Controls.PDragRec. 
This is type Controls.PMouseActivateRec. 
This is type Controls.PPopupFormInfo. 
TAlignInsertBeforeEvent is the function type for an OnAlignInsertBefore event. 
TAlignPositionEvent is the function type for an OnAlignPosition event. 
TAlignSet specifies the alignment of a child control within its parent. 
TBorderWidth defines the distance, in pixels, between the outer and inner bevels of a control. 
This is type Controls.TAnimateWindowProc. 
TBevelEdge and TBevelEdges specify which edges of a window are beveled. 
This is type Controls.TBevelWidth. 
This is type Controls.TBorderWidth. 
TCanResizeEvent is the type of the OnCanResize event handler. 
TCaption is the type of the Caption property. 
This is type Controls.TCMActivate. 
This is type Controls.TCMDeactivate. 
This is type Controls.TCMDesignHitTest. 
This is type Controls.TCMDialogChar. 
This is type Controls.TCMDialogKey. 
This is type Controls.TCMEnter. 
This is type Controls.TCMExit. 
This is type Controls.TCMGotFocus. 
This is type Controls.TCMHitTest. 
This is type Controls.TCMLostFocus. 
This is type Controls.TCMWantSpecialKey. 
This is type Controls.TConstrainedResizeEvent. 
This is type Controls.TConstraintSize. 
This is type Controls.TContextPopupEvent. 
TControlActionLinkClass defines the metaclass for TControlActionLink
TControlClass defines the metaclass for TControl
TControlState describes the current state of a control. 
The TControlStyle type describes the current style of the control. 
TCursor identifies the cursor type. 
TDate is used to represent a date. 
TDockDropEvent is the type of the OnDockDrop event handler. 
TDockOverEvent is the type of the OnDockOver event handler. 
TDockTreeClass defines the metaclass for TDockTree
This is type Controls.TDragDropEvent. 
TDragObjectClass defines the metaclass for TDragObject
This is type Controls.TDragOverEvent. 
This is type Controls.TEndDragEvent. 
This is type Controls.TForEachZoneProc. 
TGetSiteInfoEvent is the type of the OnGetSiteInfo event handler. 
THintWindowClass defines the metaclass for THintWindow
TImeName is the type that represents the name of an Input Method Editor. 
This is type Controls.TKeyEvent. 
This is type Controls.TKeyPressEvent. 
This is type Controls.TMarginSize. 
TModalResult represents the return value from a modal dialog. 
This is type Controls.TMouseActivateEvent. 
This is type Controls.TMouseEvent. 
This is type Controls.TMouseMoveEvent. 
This is type Controls.TMouseWheelEvent. 
This is type Controls.TMouseWheelUpDownEvent. 
TPanningWindowClass defines the metaclass for TPanningWindow. 
TScalingFlags describes the way controls are scaled. 
TStartDockEvent is the type of the OnStartDock event handler. 
This is type Controls.TStartDragEvent. 
TTabOrder defines the tab order of a control. 
TTime is used to represent a time. 
TUnDockEvent is the type of the OnUnDock event handler. 
TWinControlActionLinkClass defines the metaclass for TWinControlActionLink
TWinControlClass defines the metaclass for TWinControl
TWndMethod is the type for Windows message procedures. 
This is variable Controls.AnimateWindowProc. 
This is variable Controls.CreationControl. 
Provides the default implementation class for the DockManager property of container controls.  
This is variable Controls.IsVCLControlHook. 
Contains information about the system’s mouse. 
Determines whether controls are drawn using the Windows 3.x "look". 
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