RAD Studio VCL Reference

The following table lists types in this documentation.

This is type System::ArrayOfboolean. 
This is type System::ArrayOfbyte. 
This is type System::ArrayOfdouble. 
This is type System::ArrayOfint. 
This is type System::ArrayOflong. 
This is type System::ArrayOfshort. 
This is type System::ArrayOfstring. 
This is type System::ArrayOfwidestring. 
This is type System.GetPackageInfoTable. 
This is type System.HGLOBAL. 
This is type System.HINST. 
This is type System.HMODULE. 
This is type System.HRESULT. 
This is type System.HRSRC. 
This is type System.IntegerArray. 
IUnknown is a special base interface. 
This is type System.PackageInfo. 
PAnsiString is a pointer to an AnsiString variable. 
PBoolean is a pointer to a Boolean variable. 
PByte is a pointer to a Byte variable. 
This is type System::PCallDesc. 
PCardinal is a pointer to a Cardinal variable. 
PComp is a pointer to a Comp variable. 
PCurrency is a pointer to a Currency variable. 
This is type System.PCVModInfo. 
PDate is a pointer to a Date variable. 
PDateTime is a pointer to a TDateTime variable. 
This is type System.PDispatch. 
This is type System::PDispDesc. 
PDouble is a pointer to a Double variable. 
This is type System.PDynArrayTypeInfo. 
This is type System.PError. 
PExtended is a pointer to an Extended variable. 
PGUID is a pointer to a TGUID variable. 
This is type System.PInitContext. 
PInt64 is a pointer to an Int64 variable. 
PInteger is a pointer to an Integer variable. 
PIntegerArray is a pointer to an IntegerArray variable. 
This is type System::PInterfaceEntry. 
This is type System::PInterfaceTable. 
PLibModule is a pointer to a TLibModule variable. 
This is type System.PLongint. 
PLongWord is a pointer to a LongWord variable. 
PMemoryManager is a pointer to a TMemoryManager variable. 
PMemoryManagerEx is a pointer to a TMemoryManagerEx variable. 
This is type System.PModuleUnloadRec. 
This is type System.PointerArray. 
This is type System.POleVariant. 
This is type System.PPAnsiChar. 
This is type System.PPChar. 
This is type System.PPCharArray. 
This is type System.PPDispatch. 
PPointer is a pointer to a Pointer variable. 
PPointerArray is a pointer to a PointerArray variable. 
This is type System.PPUnknown. 
This is type System.PPWideChar. 
This is type System.PResStringRec. 
PShortInt is a pointer to a ShortInt variable. 
PShortString is a pointer to a ShortString variable. 
PSingle is a pointer to a Single variable. 
PSmallInt is a pointer to a SmallInt variable. 
PString is a pointer to a String variable. 
This is type System.PTextBuf. 
This is type System.PUCS2Char. 
This is type System.PUCS4Char. 
This is type System.PUCS4CharArray. 
This is type System.PUnitEntryTable. 
PUnknown is a pointer to an IUnknown variable. 
This is type System.PUTF8String. 
This is type System.PVarArray. 
This is type System.PVarArrayBoundArray. 
This is type System.PVarArrayCoorArray. 
This is type System.PVarData. 
PVariant is a pointer to a Variant variable. 
This is type System.PVariantManager. 
This is type System::PVarRec. 
PWideString is a pointer to a WideString variable. 
PWord is a pointer to a Word variable. 
PWordBool is a pointer to a WordBool variable. 
This is type System::SCODE. 
This is type System.TAssertErrorProc. 
This is type System::TBooleanDynArray. 
This is type System.TBoundArray. 
This is type System::TByteDynArray. 
This is type System::TCardinalDynArray. 
TClass defines the metaclass for TObject
TDateTime represents a date-and-time value in the Delphi language. 
This is type System.TDLLProc. 
This is type System.TDLLProcEx. 
This is type System::TDoubleDynArray. 
This is type System.TEnumModuleFunc. 
This is type System.TEnumModuleFuncLW. 
This is type System.TFileIOFunc. 
THandle is a general purpose data reference (handle). 
This is type System::TInt64DynArray. 
This is type System::TIntegerDynArray. 
TInterfacedClass defines the metaclass for TInterfacedObject
This is type System::TLongWordDynArray. 
TMemoryMap is a map of an application's address space as an array of TChunkStatus values. 
TModuleUnloadProc dehines a procedure that can be called during package unload. 
This is type System.TModuleUnloadProcLW. 
This is type System.TPCharArray. 
This is type System.TResourceHandle. 
This is type System.TSafeCallErrorProc. 
This is type System::TShortIntDynArray. 
This is type System::TSingleDynArray. 
TSmallBlockTypeStates is an array of small memory block information records. 
This is type System::TSmallIntDynArray. 
This is type System::TStringDynArray. 
This is type System.TSystemThreadEndProc. 
This is type System.TSystemThreadFuncProc. 
This is type System.TTextBuf. 
This is type System.TTextIOFunc. 
TThreadFunc defines a new thread of execution. 
This is type System.TUCS4CharArray. 
This is type System.TVarArrayBoundArray. 
This is type System.TVarArrayCoorArray. 
TVarOp defines a Variant operation. 
This is type System.TVarType. 
This is type System::TWideStringDynArray. 
This is type System::TWordDynArray. 
This is type System.UCS2Char. 
UCS4Char is used for working with 4–byte Unicode characters. 
UCS4String is used for working with 4–byte Unicode characters. 
This is type System.UnitEntryTable. 
This is type System.UTF8String. 
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