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The following table lists classes in this documentation.

EWebBrokerException is an exception raised by WebBroker objects. 
TAbstractContentParser is the base class for objects that parse the content of an HTTP request. 
TAbstractWebModuleFactory is the base class for all Web module factory objects. 
TAbstractWebModuleList lists the WebModules in a WebSnap application and provides access to their factory objects. 
TAbstractWebPageInfo represents the attributes of a Web page module. 
TAbstractWebPageModuleFactory is the base class for Web module factory objects whose generated Web modules create Web pages. 
TAbstractWebRequestFile describes an uploaded file from an HTTP request. 
TAbstractWebRequestFiles is a collection of TAbstractWebRequestFile objects. 
TAbstractWebSession is the base class for objects that represent a session in a WebSnap application. 
TContentParser is the default parser for extracting named value strings and uploaded files from an HTTP request. 
TCookie represents a Cookie header in an HTTP response message. 
TCookieCollection is a collection of TCookie objects. 
TCustomContentProducer is the base class for all objects that produce the string that is sent as the contents of an HTTP response message. 
TCustomWebDispatcher is the abstract base class for Web dispatcher objects. 
This is class HTTPApp.TDefaultWebAppServices. 
TWebActionItem allows a Web server application to create and send responses to HTTP request messages. 
TWebActionItems is a collection of TWebActionItem objects. 
TWebDispatcher passes HTTP request messages on to the appropriate action items that assemble a response. 
TWebModule is the automatically generated Web module for a Web server application. 
TWebRequest is the base class for all objects that represent client request information that is passed to a Web server application. 
TWebResponse is the base class for all objects that represent HTTP messages sent in response to an HTTP request message. 
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