Delpoying on Windows

FireDAC application deployment on a x86 or x64 Windows machine includes several optional steps.


To deploy FireDAC application on a Win32 or Win64 machine the following items should be considered:

  1. When an application uses persistent connection definitions, then a connection definition file must be deployed. It may be put along with application EXE or set TADCustomManager.ConnectionDefFileName to a file name.
  2. When an application uses driver definitions, then a driver configuration file must be deployed. It may be put along with application EXE or set TADCustomManager.DriverDefFileName to a file name.
  3. The DBMS clients required for application connectivity must be obtained from the vendors and installed on the deployment machine. When an application is built as x86, then the x86 DBMS client software must be installed. When as x64, then x64 software. SQLite engine is statically linked into EXE and does not require a deployment.
  4. FireDAC Administrator (analogue to BDE Administrator) may be deployed to give to an end-user a tool to manage FireDAC connection definitions. To deploy FireDAC Administrator one should deploy:
    • FireDAC\Bin\ADAdministrator.exe
    • FireDAC\Bin\ADExplorer.ini
  5. When a FireDAC application was built with the run-time packages, then the following BPL files should be deployed. There DNnn corresponds to your Delphi version. FireDAC provides only x86 BPL's. The BPL's are located in "Package output directory", which you may find at IDE -> Tools -> Options -> Delphi options -> Library.
    1. Mandatory packages:
      • AnyDAC_ComI_DNnn.bpl
      • AnyDAC_Comp_DNnn.bpl
      • AnyDAC_GUIxForms_DNnn.bpl
      • AnyDAC_Phys_DNnn.bpl
    2. Optional packages, required when your application uses specific FireDAC drivers:
      • AnyDAC_PhysADS_DNnn.bpl
      • AnyDAC_PhysASA_DNnn.bpl
      • AnyDAC_PhysDb2_DNnn.bpl
      • AnyDAC_PhysIB_DNnn.bpl
      • AnyDAC_PhysMSAcc_DNnn.bpl
      • AnyDAC_PhysMSSQL_DNnn.bpl
      • AnyDAC_PhysMySQL_DNnn.bpl
      • AnyDAC_PhysODBC_DNnn.bpl
      • AnyDAC_PhysOracl_DNnn.bpl
      • AnyDAC_PhysPg_DNnn.bpl
      • AnyDAC_PhysSQLite_DNnn.bpl
      • AnyDAC_PhysTDBX_DNnn.bpl
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