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Using the Menu Designer Context Menu

The Menu Designer context menu provides quick access to the most common Menu Designer commands, and to the menu template options. (For more information about menu templates, refer to Using menu templates.) 

To display the context menu, right-click the Menu Designer window, or press Alt+F10 when the cursor is in the Menu Designer window.

The following table summarizes the commands on the Menu Designer context menu.  

Menu Designer context menu commands  

Menu command 
Inserts a placeholder above or to the left of the cursor.  
Deletes the selected menu item (and all its sub-items, if any).  
Create Submenu  
Creates a placeholder at a nested level and adds an arrow to the right of the selected menu item.  
Select Menu  
Opens a list of menus in the current form. Double-clicking a menu name opens the designer window for the menu.  
Save As Template  
Opens the Save Template dialog box, where you can save a menu for future reuse.  
Insert From Template  
Opens the Insert Template dialog box, where you can select a template to reuse.  
Delete Templates  
Opens the Delete Templates dialog box, where you can choose to delete any existing templates.  
Insert From Resource  
Opens the Insert Menu from Resource file dialog box, where you can choose a .rc or .mnu file to open in the current form.  
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