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Text Viewing Controls
Use this component: 
When you want users to do this: 
Display a text file or simple HTML page that users can scroll through.  
Display a text file or simple HTML page. Users can scroll through the page or click links to view other pages and images.  
Display numeric information in a digital display form.  

TTextViewer acts as a simple viewer so that users can read and scroll through documents. With TTextBrowser, users can also click links to navigate to other documents and other parts of the same document. Documents visited are stored in a history list, which can be navigated using the Backward, Forward, and Home methods. TTextViewer and TTextBrowser are best used to display HTML-based text or to implement an HTML-based Help system.  

TTextBrowser has the same properties as TTextViewer plus Factory. Factory determines the MIME factory object used to determine file types for embedded images. For example, you can associate filename extensions—such as .txt, .html, and .xml—with MIME types and have the factory load this data into the control.  

Use the FileName property to add a text file, such as .html, to appear in the control at runtime. 

To see an application using the text browser control, see ..\Delphi7\Demos\Clx\TextBrowser. 


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