RAD Studio
Switching Between Menus at Design Time

If you're designing several menus for your form, you can use the Menu Designer context menu or the Object Inspector to easily select and move among them.

To use the context menu to switch between menus in a form:

  1. Right-click in the Menu Designer and choose Select Menu. The Select Menu dialog box appears. This dialog box lists all the menus associated with the form whose menu is currently open in the Menu Designer.
  2. From the list in the Select Menu dialog box, choose the menu you want to view or edit.

To use the Object Inspector to switch between menus in a form:

  1. Give focus to the form whose menus you want to choose from.
  2. From the Component list, select the menu you want to edit.
  3. On the Properties page of the Object Inspector, select the Items property for this menu, and then either click the ellipsis button, or double-click [Menu].

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