RAD Studio
Opening the Menu Designer

You design menus for your application using the Menu Designer. Before you can start using the Menu Designer, first add either a TMainMenu or TPopupMenu component to your form. Both menu components are located on the Standard category of the Tool palette

MainMenu and PopupMenu components 

A MainMenu component creates a menu that's attached to the form's title bar. A PopupMenu component creates a menu that appears when the user right-clicks in the form. Pop-up menus do not have a menu bar. 

To open the Menu Designer, select a menu component on the form, and then either:

  • Double-click the menu component.
  • Or, from the Properties page of the Object Inspector, select the Items property, and then either double-click [Menu] in the Value column, or click the ellipsis (...) button.
The Menu Designer appears, with the first (blank) menu item highlighted in the Designer, and the Caption property selected in the Object Inspector.

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