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Naming Conventions for Template Menu Items and Event Handlers

When you save a menu as a template, Delphi does not save its Name property, since every menu must have a unique name within the scope of its owner (the form). However, when you insert the menu as a template into a new form by using the Menu Designer, Delphi then generates new names for it and all of its items. 

For example, suppose you save a File menu as a template. In the original menu, you name it MyFile. If you insert it as a template into a new menu, Delphi names it File1. If you insert it into a menu with an existing menu item named File1, Delphi names it File2

Delphi also does not save any OnClick event handlers associated with a menu saved as a template, since there is no way to test whether the code would be applicable in the new form. When you generate a new event handler for the menu template item, Delphi still generates the event handler name. You can easily associate items in the menu template with existing OnClick event handlers in the form. 

For more information, see Associating menu events with event handlers.

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