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Getting started with IntraWeb

This tutorial demonstrates how to use IntraWeb. For more documentation on VCL for the Web, go to http://www.atozed.com/intraweb/docs/.

If you have experience writing GUI applications using Borland's rapid application development tools, then you already have the basic skills you need to start building applications with IntraWeb. The basic design method for the user interface is the same for IntraWeb and regular GUI applications: find the components you need on the Tool palette and drop them on a form. Unlike WebSnap's page modules, the appearance of the form mirrors the appearance of the page. The IntraWeb forms and components are distinct from their VCL counterparts, but they are named and arranged similarly.
For example, let's say you... more 
The first step in the process of creating the demo program is to create a new VCL for the Web project. The project will be a stand alone application, but you can convert it to ISAPI/NSAPI or Apache later by changing two lines of code. 
You are now ready to edit the main form to create the Web user interface for your application.
For information on creating a new IntraWeb Application, see Creating a New IntraWeb Application
The form does not yet perform any actions when the user clicks the OK button.
For information on editing the main form, see Editing the Main Form
You can now test the IntraWeb application.
For information on writing the event handler, see Writing an Event Handler for the Button
If you have created a VCL for the Web application and wish to change it to ISAPI/NSAPI or Apache plugins, you can do it with a few simple changes to your code.
It is, however, recommended that you start with a standalone application, to ease debugging, and later convert the application to an extension. 
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