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Editing Menu Items in the Object Inspector

This topic has discussed how to set several properties for menu items—for example, the Name and Caption properties—by using the Menu Designer. 

The section has also described how to set menu item properties, such as the ShortCut property, directly in the Object Inspector, just as you would for any component selected in the form. 

When you edit a menu item by using the Menu Designer, its properties are still displayed in the Object Inspector. You can switch focus to the Object Inspector and continue editing the menu item properties there. Or you can select the menu item from the Component list in the Object Inspector and edit its properties without ever opening the Menu Designer.

To close the Menu Designer window and continue editing menu items:

  1. Switch focus from the Menu Designer window to the Object Inspector by clicking the properties page of the Object Inspector.
  2. Close the Menu Designer as you normally would. The focus remains in the Object Inspector, where you can continue editing properties for the selected menu item. To edit another menu item, select it from the Component list.

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