RAD Studio
Creating Frames

To create an empty frame, choose FileNewDelphi ProjectsDelphi Files and double-click Frame. You can then drop components (including other frames) onto your new frame. 

It is usually best—though not necessary—to save frames as part of a project. If you want to create a project that contains only frames and no forms, choose FileNewApplication, close the new form and unit without saving them, then choose FileNewDelphi ProjectsDelphi FilesFrame and save the project.

Note: When you save frames, avoid using the default names Unit1, Project1, and so forth, since these are likely to cause conflicts when you try to use the frames later.
At design time, you can display any frame included in the current project by choosing ViewForms and selecting a frame. As with forms and data modules, you can toggle between the Form Designer and the frame's form file by right-clicking and choosing View as Form or View as Text.

Frames are added to the Tool palette as component templates. To add a frame to the Tool palette, open the frame in the Form Designer (you cannot use a frame embedded in another component for this purpose), right-click the frame, and choose Add to Palette. When the Component Template Information dialog opens, select a name, palette page, and icon for the new template.

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