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Use this wizard to import a WSDL document or XML schema that describes a Web Service. Once you have imported the WSDL document or XML schema, the wizard generates all the interface and class definitions you need for calling on those Web Services using a remote interfaced object (THTTPRIO). You can also tell the wizard to generate skeletal code you can complete to create a Web Service application (for example, if you want to implement a Web Service that is already defined in a WSDL document).

The Source page of the wizard lets you specify the name of the WSDL document or XML schema to import.

Location of WSDL File or URL  
Enter either a WSDL file name or the URL where the document is published. Click the ellipsis button next to the edit box to browse for a file location.
After entering a file name, you can click the Next button to move to the Preview page or click the Options button to provide information the wizard needs for connecting to a server that contains the WSDL document or for configuring how the wizard generates code to represent the definitions in that document.  

The Preview page of the wizard lets you preview the code it generates for the definitions in the specified WSDL document. It lists only those definitions for which it knows how to generate code. When you are finished viewing the generated code, you can move back to the Source page to select a different WSDL document, click the Options button to change the connection information or configure how the wizard generates code for the definitions in the WSDL document, or click the Finish button, which tells the wizard to define and register invokable interfaces and native type definitions.

WSDL Components  
Select the item for which you want to preview the generated code. You can select a service to see all the definitions generated for that service, or you can select a single item that is a part of that service (for example, a single interface, method, or type definition).  
Code Preview  
This tab page shows the code that the wizard generates for the selected item.  
This tab page shows information about the selected item such as its name, the namespace in which it is defined, and details about its definition, such as the name of the class or type the wizard uses to represent a defined type, the parameters and Soap Action for a method (operation), binding information for an interface (port type), and so on.  
Display the WSDL Import Options dialog, where you can specify the information the importer needs to connect to the server that publishes the WSDL document or configure the way the wizard generates code.  
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