RAD Studio (Common)
Working with User Properties

User properties are created by means of the User Properties command. The User Properties command is available on the context menus of the diagrams and diagram elements both in the Diagram View and the Model View. Once created, the user properties can be viewed and edited in the Object Inspector under the User Properties category.

To create user properties:

  1. In the Diagram View or the Model View, select the desired diagram or model element.
  2. On the context menu, choose User Properties.
  3. In the Add/Remove user properties dialog box, click the Add button. A new entry, consisting of the Name and Value fields, is added to the properties list.
  4. In the new entry, enter the property name and value.
  5. Using the Add and Remove buttons, make up the list of user properties.
  6. Click OK when ready.
Result: The User Properties category appears in the Object Inspector.

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