RAD Studio (Common)
Working with a Set of Metrics

You can use the modeling tools to create a set of metrics and to use a saved set of metrics.

To create a set of metrics:

  1. On the Diagram View, Model View, or class/interface, choose the QA Metrics command from the context menu (right-click). The dialog box QA Metric opens.
  2. Toolbar buttons in the dialog window provide commands for working with the sets of metrics.
  3. If you want to base your new saved set on the default set, click the Set default metric set button.
  4. If you want to base it on a previously created custom set, click the Load Metrtic Set button, then choose the desired saved .mts file.
  5. Go through the individual metrics and check those you want to include in the set, or clear those you do not want to include.
  6. Select all the items in a group by checking the group name.
  7. When you complete your selection, click the Save set button, and specify the location and filename for new set file.

To use a saved set of metrics:

  1. On the main menu choose ToolsModelingQA Metrics. The QA Metric dialog box opens.
  2. Click the Load Metric Set button and choose the .mts file you want to use.
  3. Click Start.
Tip: You might want to include the .mts files in your backup routine.

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