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Watch List Window

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Displays the current value of the watch expression based on the scope of the execution point. The Watch List window is a multi-tabbed view with each tab representing a distinct watch group. Only the watch group on the active tab is evaluated while debugging.

Tip: To enable or disable a watch expression quickly, use the check box Check Box next to the watch.

Watch Name  
Shows the expression entered as a watch.  
Lists the current value of the expression entered.  

Note: If the execution point moves to a location where any of the variables in an expression is undefined (out of scope), the entire watch expression becomes undefined. If the execution point reenters the scope of the expression, the Watch List
window displays the current value of the expression.
Tip: By grouping watches, you can prevent out of scope expressions from slowing down stepping.

Right-click the Watch List window to display the following commands.

Edit Watch  
Displays the Watch Properties dialog box that lets you modify the properties of a watch.  
Add Watch  
Displays the Watch Properties dialog box that lets you create a watch  
Enable Watch  
Enables a disabled watch expression.  
Disable Watch  
Disables a watch expression and so that it is not monitored as you step through or run your program. The watch settings remain defined. Disabling watches improves debugger performance.  
Delete Watch  
Removes a watch expression. This command is not reversible.  
Copy Watch Value  
Copies the text in the Value column of the selected watch to the clipboard.  
Copy Watch Name  
Copies the text in the Watch Name column of the selected watch to the clipboard.  
Enable All Watches  
Enables all disabled watch expressions.  
Disable All Watches  
Disables all enabled watch expressions.  
Delete All Watches  
Removes all watch expressions.  
Add Group  
Displays a dialog box, allowing you to name a watch group and add it to the watch list as a new tab.  
Delete Group  
Deletes a watch group from the watch list.  
Move Watch to Group  
Moves one or more selected watches to another watch group.  
Stay On Top  
Keeps the window visible when out of focus.  
Show Column Headers  
Toggles the display of the Watch Name and Value column titles.  
Displays information about the currently selected expression.  
Enables drag-and-dock for the Watch List window.  
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