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The modeling feature extends the Tool Palette by adding model elements to it. 

The Tool Palette displays special tabs for the supported UML diagrams. When a diagram is opened in the Diagram View, the appropriate tab appears in the Tool Palette

In the Tool Palette you see model elements (nodes, links) that can be placed on the current diagram. However, you can choose to show the tabs for all diagram types. Use the Tool Palette buttons to create the diagram contents.

Note: The set of available model elements depends on the type of a diagram that is currently selected in the Diagram View. For descriptions of available elements, refer to the Modeling Reference.
Tip: You can control the diagram elements that appear in the Tool Palette and create your own Tool Palette
tabs with specified items. You can cut, copy, paste, delete, rename, move up, and move down Tool Palette items to customize your Tool Palette view. You can also display Tool Palette items alphabetically or in a list. Use the Tool Palette context menu to accomplish such tasks.

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