RAD Studio (Common)
Fundamental Syntactic Elements

This section describes the fundamental syntactic elements, or the building blocks of the Delphi language.

This topic introduces the Delphi language character set, and describes the syntax for declaring:
  • Identifiers
  • Numbers
  • Character strings
  • Labels
  • Source code comments
This topic describes the syntax of Delphi declarations and statements.
Aside from the uses clause (and reserved words like implementation that demarcate parts of a unit), a program consists entirely of declarations and statements, which are organized into blocks.
This topic covers the following items:
  • Declarations
  • Simple statements such as assignment
  • Structured statements such as conditional tests (e.g., if-then, and case), iteration (e.g., for, and while).
circuit evaluation is usually preferable because it guarantees minimum execution time and, in most cases, minimum code size. Complete evaluation is sometimes convenient when one operand is a function with side effects that alter the execution of the program.
circuit evaluation also allows the use of constructions that might otherwise result in illegal runtime operations. For example, the following code iterates through the string S, up to the first comma.  
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