RAD Studio (Common)
Structure View


Shows the hierarchy of source code or HTML displayed in the Code Editor, or components displayed on the Designer. When displaying the structure of source code or HTML, you can double-click an item to jump to its declaration or location in the Code Editor. When displaying components, you can double-click a component to select it on the form.  

If your code contains syntax errors, they are displayed in the Errors node in the Structure View. You can double-click an error to locate the corresponding source in the Code Editor. ( (Not applicable for C++ development.)

Tip: You can control the content and appearance of the Structure View
by choosing ToolsOptionsEnvironment OptionsExplorer and changing the settings.

Right-click the Structure View to display the following commands. The commands on the context menu depend on whether source code or components are displayed in the Structure View.

Adds a new node to the Structure View.  
Changes the name of the selected node in the Structure View.  
Displays a submenu allowing you to undo changes, cut, copy, paste, delete, or select all of the controls on the Designer.  
Displays a submenu allowing you to bring the selected control to the front or send it to the back of the the Designer.  
Displays the Explorer Options dialog box allowing you to change the content and appearance of the Structure View.  
Stay on Top 
Displays the Structure View on top of the desktop even if other windows are displayed.  
Enables drag-and-dock for the Structure View.  

The Structure view contains a toolbar for C++ application development that allows you to control how the contents of the Structure view are displayed. It consists of the following buttons:

Sort Alphabetically 
Sorts the contents of the Structure view alphabetically.  
Group by Type 
Groups items into folders by type in the Structure view.  
Group by Visibility 
Groups class members into folders by visibility: public, protected, private, and published. For C++ , 'Classes' is a generic group that encompasses classes, structs, unions and templates.  
Show Type 
Displays the type to the right of the member in the Structure view.  
Show Visibility 
Toggles the Structure view display through different visibility levels: Show public only, show public and protected, show public, protected, and private, and show all.  
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