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Use this dialog box to specify the type of server your Web Service application will work with.

ISAPI/NSAPI Dynamic Link Library  
ISAPI and NSAPI Web server applications are DLLs that are loaded by the Web server. Client request information is passed to the DLL as a structure. Each request message is handled in a separate execution thread.  
CGI stand-alone executable  
A CGI stand-alone Web server application is a console application that receives client request information on standard input and passes the results back to the server on standard output. Each request message is handled by a separate instance of the application.  
Web App Debugger executable  
The Web Application Debugger provides an easy way to monitor HTTP requests, responses, and response times. The Web Application Debugger takes the place of the Web server. Once you have debugged your application, you can convert it to one of the other types of Web application and install it with a commercial Web server.  
Class Name  
If selecting Web App Debugger executable, provide a class name for the debugger to use to call your Web module.  
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