RAD Studio (Common)
UML 2.0 Sample Project, Structure Package

The default diagram on the top level of the project contains two packages intended to demonstrate the structural and behavioral modeling. 

This package contains the following diagrams:

  • Class diagram
  • Component diagram
  • Composite Structure diagram
  • Deployment diagram

Class diagram is represented by three samples: Class, Classes and Associations, Classes and Features.

Class Diagram

This diagram shows the usage of patterns as first class citizens. Abstract Factory is created by a GoF pattern. Explore the specific features of adding and removing participants and pattern objects.

Classes and Associations diagram

This diagram demonstrates the following features:

  • Generalization of classes
  • Implementation of interfaces by classes
  • Usage of association classes and n-ary associations. Note that n-ary association can only be created by means of an association class
  • Usage of binary associations
  • Usage of association links properties (directed and non-directed associations, link labels, client and supplier multiplicities, roles, qualifiers, constraints, and so on)

Classes and Features diagram

This diagram demonstrates the following features:

  • Usage of operations and attributes in the classes and interfaces
  • Usage of properties of the operations, attributes and slots (visibility, multiplicity, constraints, initial values of the attributes and slots, return types and arguments of the operations)
  • Instantiating classes by means of instance specifications
  • Defining features by means of the slots

Component diagram is represented by the Store Components diagram, which demonstrates:

  • Inner components
  • Usage of the required and provided interfaces via ports
  • Delegation connectors that delegate calls to a component to its subcomponents.

Composite Structure diagram demonstrates the usage of collaborations and parts.

Deployment diagram is represented by the Application Server diagram that demonstrates the usage of deployment specifications and artifacts.

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