RAD Studio (Common)


Allows you to add Windows resources such as fonts, cursors, bitmaps, and other graphics to a project. You can assign resource identifiers and resource types to each item in this dialog. Once the resources are added, they are automatically compiled and linked into the application. Resource files include files with the following file extensions: .bmp, .cur, .fnt, .fon, .gif, .ico, .jfif, .jpe, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .ttf.

File name  
Lists the filenames of resources already added to the project.  
Displays the type for each resource. The data types include Bitmap and RCData.  
Displays the identifier for each resource file. When you add resources on this dialog box, a default Identifier name is assigned. You can assign a different Identifier for a resource by using the Resource Identifier text entry field.  
Resource Identifier  
Displays the Identifier associated with the selected File name. To assign a different Identifier of your choice, replace the displayed name with an Identifier of your choice.  
Resource Type  
Displays the Resource Type (such as RCData or Bitmap) for the selected File name. You can select a different resource type from the drop-down list.  
Click the Add button to display the standard Open file dialog box. Navigate to a resource file that you want to add to your project, select the file, and click Open.  
Deletes the selected resource file from your project.  
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