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Object Inspector (Modeling)

ViewObject Inspector 

When modeling support is activated, the Object Inspector shows the properties of an element that is selected in the Model or Diagram Views. To view the Object Inspector, choose Object Inspector from the View menu, press F4, or press ALT+ENTER. The content of the Object Inspector depends on the element type. 

You can use the Object Inspector to edit diagram or element properties. 

There are several categories of properties:

Text editor field where you can optionally provide textual description of an element.  
These properties are used to define the appearance of an element.  
UML and source code element properties.  
User properties 
This node appears when there are user properties defined. In addition to the standard properties, you can define an unlimited number of user-defined properties.  

Using the Object Inspector, you can view and edit the properties of an element. Clicking on an editable field reveals which type of internal editor is available: text area, combobox with a list of values, or a dialog box. The read-only fields are displayed gray. As you click on the element properties, their respective descriptions display at the bottom of the Object Inspector.

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