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Project Properties

Project or ToolsOptionsProject Properties or Environment Options\C++ Options 

Use this dialog box to set Project Properties that control certain aspects of how the project is managed in the IDE. 

Note that this dialog can be displayed from either Project Options or Tools Options. If options are set in the dialog from Project Options, they apply only to that project. If options are set in the dialog from Tools Options, they apply to new projects.

C++ Project Properties options 
Manage include and library paths 
If this option is checked, when a user adds files to the project, adds the paths for these files to the appropriate include path options to ensure the compiler/linker can find the files. If unchecked, does not update include paths automatically and the user takes responsibility for ensuring includes and library paths are correct. Default = true  
Verify package imports and libraries 
If checked, verifies that all package-related libraries can be found before linking. If a file is not found, displays a dialog asking the user for the location and update the include paths accordingly. If unchecked, don't perform this verification. Default = true  
Show header dependencies in project manager 
If checked, creates and shows a list of all header files on which a C/C++ file depends in the Project Manager if the information is available. If unchecked, does not generate the list. Default = false  
Use auto-dependency checking when available 
If an object file already exists for a source file, a tool creates a new object file if the modification date of the source is newer than that of the object file. If this option is checked, the tool builds a new object file if any of the include files on which a source file depends have a newer modification date than the object file. If unchecked, the tool does not check all include files. Enabling this option helps guarantee more accurate builds. Default = true  
Show general messages 
Show all messages from tools without filtering. Default = false  


General option 
Saves the current settings as the default for each new project.  
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