RAD Studio (Common)

These dialogs are used to set up projects and build configurations in RAD Studio.

ProjectAdd to Repository
Saves a customized form or project template in the Object Repository for reuse in other projects. The saved forms and templates are then available in the New Items dialog box when you choose FileNewOther.  
ProjectAdd Web Reference
Searches for services and providers in the UDDI services sites with WSDL described services. Search by name or browse through available categorization schemas.  
This section describes dialog boxes used to set C++ project and compiling options. 
Adds required units to your package. This dialog box appears when the Package Editor tries to compile a package and detects that the package cannot be built, or is incompatible with another package currently loaded by the IDE. This occurs because the package uses one or more units that are found in another package.  
Creates project dependencies within a project group. From the list, choose the projects to build before building the selected project.  
ProjectLanguagesAdd Language
Adds one or more language resource DLLs to a project. Follow the instructions on each wizard page. 
ProjectLanguagesRemove Language
Removes one or more languages from the project. Follow the instructions on each wizard page. 
ProjectLanguagesSet Active Language
Determines the language module that loads when you run your application in the IDE. Before changing the active language, make sure you have recompiled the resource dll for the language you want to use.
Select the desired language and click Finish
ProjectAdd to RepositoryNew Category button
Creates a new category for your saved form or template. The new category will then be available in the New Items dialog box when you choose FileNewOther
Views the program compilation information and compilation status for your project.  
ProjectProject Page Options
Specifies an HTML file in your project as the Project Page for recording a description of the project, and various other notes and information. This page is automatically displayed in the IDE when you open the project.  
ProjectRemove from Project
Removes one or more files from the current project.  
Selects a bitmap to represent your template in the New Items dialog box.
You can use a bitmap of any size, but it will be cropped to 60 x 40 pixels. 
ProjectWeb Deploy Options
Configures a finished ActiveX control or ActiveForm for deployment to a Windows Web server.
Tip: Set these options before you compile the ActiveX project and deploy it by choosing Project->Web Deploy.
ProjectBuild All Projects
Compiles all of the source code in the current project group, regardless of whether any source code has changed. Building is useful when you are unsure which files have changed, or if you have changed project or compiler options. 
ProjectBuild Project
Rebuilds all files in your current project regardless of whether they have changed. Building is useful when you are unsure which files have changed, or if you have changed project or compiler options. 
ProjectMake All Projects
Compile (for Delphi) and Make (for C++ ) compiles only those files that have changed since the last build, as well as any files that depend on them. Compiling or making does not execute the application (see RunRun). 
ProjectAdd to Project
Adds another source file to an already open project.  
ProjectAdd New Project
Adds new projects via the New Items dialog box . 
ProjectClean Package
Removes previously compiled files and leaves behind only the source files needed to build the project. Specifically , it cleans out any .dcu's, .bpl's, etc., that were generated. 
ProjectDefault Options
Opens the default Project Options dialog box for the specified project type: C++Builder or Delphi for Win32. This option is only available when there is not an open project.
After the Project Options dialog opens help is available from each page of the dialog. Click Help or press F1
Opens the Project Options dialog that manages application and compiler options for your project. Making changes to your project only affects the current project. However, you can also save your selections as the default settings for new projects. 
ProjectSyntax Check for Project
Checks the active project for incorrect symbols. This is an efficient way to check and see if a large project will build correctly prior to compiling. Errors are reported in the Compiling dialog with details shown in the Messages pane. 
ProjectLanguagesUpdate Localized Projects
Updates resource modules. When you add an additional resource, such as a button on a form, you must update your resource modules to reflect your changes. Build and save your project before you update the resources. 
ProjectView Source
Shows the source of the project file that manages the running of the application. Dephi shows a .dpr file. C++ shows a .cpp file. 
Allows you to add Windows resources such as fonts, cursors, bitmaps, and other graphics to a project. You can assign resource identifiers and resource types to each item in this dialog. Once the resources are added, they are automatically compiled and linked into the application. Resource files include files with the following file extensions: .bmp, .cur, .fnt, .fon, .gif, .ico, .jfif, .jpe, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .ttf.  
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