RAD Studio (Common)
Pattern Wizard

The Pattern Wizard enables you to explicitly apply a pattern. You can open the Pattern Wizard by:

  • Using the Node by Pattern or Link by Pattern button in the Tool Palette
  • Using the Create by Pattern command from the Diagram View or class context menus


The Node by Pattern element opens the Pattern Wizard. You can also open the Pattern Wizard using the Create by Pattern command on the diagram context menu.

Pattern tree:  
This field determines the content displayed in the Patterns pane. Use the drop-down arrow to select a pattern tree. Pattern trees are defined in the Pattern Organizer.  
The following Selector/Editor panes occupy the top portion of the dialog:  
The Patterns pane presents a tree view of the available patterns. Use the Pattern tree field to determine the available content shown in the Patterns pane.  
Pattern properties:  
Edit the generated class names for pattern elements, or use the information button to open the Select Element dialog for choosing elements.  
The Description pane lies at the bottom of the Pattern Wizard and displays context-sensitive help text. Help descriptions for the more complex patterns appear directly in the Pattern Wizard rather than in Modeling online help. To view a description of a pattern, click on the individual pattern in the Patterns pane.  
If an error occurs while applying a pattern, the Pattern Wizard remains open, and the error text displays here.  
Applies the specified pattern.  
Closes the Pattern Wizard without applying a pattern.  
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