RAD Studio (Common)
Using Pattern Organizer

Provides how-to information on using pattern organizer.

You can associate a pattern with one or more shortcuts, located in the various virtual folders. 
Use virtual folders to logically organize patterns in the pattern trees. 
In the Pattern Organizer you are working with shortcuts, not with the actual patterns. Because of this, shortcuts to the same pattern may be included in several folders. 
The Pattern Organizer enables you to logically organize patterns using virtual trees, folders and shortcuts. Under a tree node you can create virtual folders and shortcuts to patterns. 
Properties of the virtual trees, folders and shortcuts are displayed in the properties section of the Pattern Organizer. Using the toolbar buttons, you can choose the properties presentation: in expandable nodes, or in alphabetical order. The Name and Visible properties are editable. Changes are applied when the edited field looses the focus, or the Enter key is pressed. The node name in the tree view changes accordingly. 
The Pattern Organizer enables you to logically organize patterns (using virtual trees, folders and shortcuts), and view and edit the pattern properties. 
If you have changed the contents of the Pattern Registry using the Pattern Organizer (created new shortcuts, exported or created shared folders), these changes are synchronized with the Registry automatically. When you close the Pattern Organizer, you are prompted to save changes. Each time you start UML modeling, the contents of the available storage is scanned for patterns. The contents of the registry is synchronized with the actual availability of the pattern folders. If you have made changes to the patterns outside the Organizer, these changes will be synchronized when UML modeling is started. 
While working with the Pattern Organizer, the logical trees, folders, and shortcuts may be displayed in an arbitrary order. You can sort nodes alphabetically within the container node, using the Sort Folder command. 
The Pattern Organizer enables you to:
  • Create logical pattern trees and folders
  • Create shortcuts to patterns
  • Assign patterns to shortcuts
  • Copy, paste and delete trees, folders and shortcuts
  • Save changes in the Pattern Registry
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