RAD Studio (Common)
Packages (Options)


Use this page to specify the design time packages installed in the IDE and the runtime packages required by your project.

Design packages 
Lists the design time packages available to the IDE and all projects. Check the design packages you want to make available for your current project.  
Installs a design time package. The package will be available to your current project.  
Deletes the selected package. The package becomes unavailable for your current project.  
Opens the selected package in the Package Editor if the source code or .dcp file is available.  
Displays a list of the components included in the selected package.  
Runtime packages 
Determines which runtime packages to use when the executable file is created. Separate package names with semicolons.
As packages are installed and uninstalled, the runtime package list is updated. The product automatically adds runtime packages that are required by installed design time packages.  
Build with runtime packages 
Dynamically links the runtime packages in your project and enables the runtime packages edit box.  
Ellipsis Ellipsis button 
Displays Runtime Package dialog box, allowing you to specify the name of a runtime package to add to the Runtime packages list. To enable this button, click Build with runtime packages.  
Saves the current settings as the default for each new project.  
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