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Descriptions for Model View options. 

The Model View options control how diagram content displays in the Model View. The table below lists the Model View general options, descriptions, and default values.

Description and default value 
Show diagram nodes expandable 
If this option is set to true, the Model View displays expandable diagram nodes with the elements contained therein.
The default value is True.  
Show links 
If this option is set to true, the Model View displays links between nodes. Otherwise the links are hidden.
The default value is False.  
Sorting type 
This option enables you to select the type of sorting for the Model View (alphabetical, by metaclass, or none).
The default value is Metaclass.  
View type 
This option controls the type of presentation of the Model. Diagram-centric mode assumes that the design elements are shown in their respective diagrams, and only the classes, interfaces and the other source-code elements are shown in the namespaces. Model-centric mode assumes that all elements are shown under namespaces.
The default value is Diagram-centric.  
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