RAD Studio (Common)
New Dynamic-link Library


Use this dialog box to create a DLL project. A dynamic-link-library is a module of compiled code that provides functionality for applications.

Source Type 
Specifies the language to use for the main module of the DLL.  
Use VCL 
Creates a DLL that can contain VCL components. This option is available only if you choose C++ as your Source Type. Checking this option causes the IDE to include vcl.h and to change the startup code and linker options for compatibility with VCL objects.  
Multi Threaded 
Specifies more than one thread of execution. This option is required if you check Use VCL.  
VC++ Style DLL 
Sets the DLL entry point to DLLMain. Leave this option unchecked to use DLLEntryPoint as the entry point.  
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