RAD Studio (Common)
Metrics Results Pane

QA Metric dialog boxStart button 

Use this pane to view and export metric results. 

The Metrics results report is displayed as a table in the Metrics results pane. The rows display the elements that were analyzed, and the columns display the corresponding values of selected metrics. Context menus of the rows and columns enable you to navigate to the source code, view descriptions of the metrics, and produce graphical output.

Tip: The Metrics results pane
does not have a Help button. Press F1 with focus on the Metrics window to display the help, that is, this topic.

Toolbar buttons  
Saves metric results.  
Recalculates the results that are currently displayed.  
Opens the Metrics dialog window, define new settings and start new metrics analysis.  
Context menu commands  
Show Description  
Displays a window with the full name and description of the selected metric.  
Builds a metric chart.  
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