RAD Studio (Common)
File menu 
You can use the File menu to export diagrams to image files, and print diagrams.  
Edit menu 
Use the Edit menu to cut, copy, paste, and delete diagrams and diagram elements, select all items on a diagram, and undo/redo actions.  
View menu 
The View menu contains the command for opening the Model View.  
Project menu 
Use the Project menu to enable or disable support for specific projects in the project group currently open.  
Refactor menu  
The Refactor menu contains refactoring commands for the implementation projects.  
Tools menu 
Use the Tools menu to generate documentation, open the pattern registry and pattern organizer, run audits and metrics (for the implementation projects), and set modeling-specific options.  
Diagram context menu 
Use the Diagram context menu to add new elements, manage the layout, zoom in and out, show or hide diagram elements, synchronize your diagram with the Model view, and edit hyperlinks.  
Model View context menu 
Context menus of the various elements of the Model View are context-sensitive. The list of elements that can be added to a diagram from the Model View depends on the element and diagram type.  
Element context menus 
You can add or delete members (or delete the element itself), cut/copy/paste, view source code, show element information and more. Explore the context menus of the different elements as you encounter them to see what is available for each one.  
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